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  1. AAaaaauuuggghhh, I missed the concert again... We had everything ready, gathered 8 people for a group trip between friends, found what to do apart from the festival, took a week long holiday from work, and we were looking at the plane tickets when half of the group - myself included - got their wages delayed by a good week, and when we could buy the tickets, they had tripled in price! Since we had already splurged a little on the accomodation (hell, you can't rent a villa everyday! Going in groups softens the blow...), we decided to drop it altogether... Well, what we did wasn't half bad either, but it wasn't a goddamn MUSE CONCERT.
  2. 1 - Uprising 2 - Supermassive Black Hole 3 - Plug In Baby 4 - MK Ultra 5 - United States of Eurasia 6 - Time Is Running Out 7 - Starlight 8 - Stockholm Syndrome 9 - Sing for Absolution 10 - Undisclosed Desires 11 - Drill Sergeant 12 - Unintended 13 - Sunburn 14 - New Born 15 - Bliss Might be garbage, but that's my ideal list...
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