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  1. He's stated they had difficulty recording the song back then. I assumed because it was hard to sing but it could have just meant technical issues. But I have the feeling the reason it's never been played live since, what, 1997, and even then 3 times, is because its not easy to sing? I can't technically analyse the song since I don't have any knowledge regarding vocals but the vocal range seems really great and goes from super low to high at the end. You're right though, I didn't know the Showbiz note was the same. Maybe he could do it then, thinking about it! All the same, I actually don't think I care if he can fully hit the notes or not. I just want to hear it live!
  2. Ideally this would be a very small gig, and I don't want to hear anything standard or that I've seen live already because, hey, this is a dream set after all. had to cut so much RIP Matt's voice after this. I couldn't really put them in a great order but hopefully it would work? The last half might be a bit too intense for a gig, especially one after the other, (Hyper Chondriac, Secrecy, Hoodoo, Con-Science, Eternally Missed, Static) But I need to hear all of them at one point. What's he building? Dead Star (This opening combo will always always be my favorite!) Screenager (with Rach piano intro of course) Space Dementia Animals Cave Darkshines Uno Megalomania Shrinking Universe Hate This & I'll Love You Recess Coma Agitated Yes Please Nature_1 Shine Acoustic Hyper Chondriac Music Ruled By Secrecy Hoodoo Con-Science Eternally Missed Spiral Static Easily The Groove Futurism
  3. I'd love to see: Cave, Hoodoo, Spiral Static (Though I'm not sure I'd like to hear current Matt even try...), Hypochondriac music, and maybe Ruled by Secrecy or Space Dementia. Obviously my list is realistic
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