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  1. I saw the incident the night of the show from across the venue. As 5 minutes before the scheduled begining of the show there was a lot of empty VIP reserved seats, we just though that some people just decided to sit on them. We saw them arguing with the security guys and finally leaving. Saw that happened once before some years ago (not with Muse, not in this venue), some "VIP" being "upset" that disabled people have better seats than them, that they "deserve the best seats" and asking the staff to "swap" (as if people in wheelchairs could climb the stairs). But then the staff told them to f... off or leave
  2. You need to select "Carte Bancaire" not "e-Carte Bleue" on the page where you select the tickets. If there is no more tickets, keep trying as I said before on the Fnac site when people are not able to pay (crash, problem linking to 3DSecure,...) they need to do everything again from the start so their tickets are available again for a short time.
  3. Got 2 tickets too. The first time ever I got tickets on presale from this site... after many errors, it gave me a maintenance page "Sorry, high traffic, try again latter" so I hit the previous page button in Chrome, after 2 or 3 min of the high traffic loading page the ticket selection page appeared. From a friend who tried too with no luck, it seems that if you use the same code in 2 browsers on the same computer, or on 2 devices, at 10am it throws all your connections out of the waiting line and now it seems the code was voided (maybe to prevent people sharing a code?)
  4. This is the same with the FnacSpectacles site every time a high demand concert is on sale... Crash when you try to log, crash when you try to select tickets, crash when you create an account, crash when you log into your account, and the most annoying crash when you pay because that last one empties your seat selection... I don't understand why they don't use Ticketmaster which is more reliable (in France) in any case, including presales, i was always able to get tickets from it. If I get a ticket on presale from the Fnac site, that would be a first in 15 years... but no alternative this time... so... crossing fingers...
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