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  1. Trying to keep this short. Muse has changed me. I'm sure all of you can relate. I was told when I was a bit younger when I discovered muse that this music was from the devil. I grew up in a household listening nothing but Mexican Music. I even played in a mariachi band for my High School in California. I never learned to read notes I learned by ear. How has Muse changed me? Their music was an escape for me. An escape from what I was expected to listen to....expected to be. When I first discovered Muse, was when I was in High School. Someone listening to Blackout...................................That song triggered something in my heart that I kept listening to this song when I use to feel down and even when I was alone at home.I love the combination of instruments like the piano, violin etc. I just love how creative this band is. I just joined the email list. I can't believe I waited this long! It's been a long minute since I picked up the violin. Not being able to read notes I still try to play Blackout on my violin even if it sucks. I want this song to be played at my funeral. My wedding. I dont give a flip...I love this song. It comes close to my heart. The day I first discovered Muse, this was the song that I listened to.During that time I was going through some hardships and trying to find my self. My childhood was taken away from my mother who abused us for years and having to come out from that, this song was just perfect. The perfect melody the perfect everything. So thank you guys. I sincerely hope to see you guys in San Antonio, Texas I hope. Or even Austin. Now that I am 28, I am more stable and im able to purchase tickets I just pray you come to Texas soon. I hope you play the Blackout song too lol. OMG ill stop I sound so silly. Thank you for your music. Even if I get made fun of for listening just to your music! I don't care.
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