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  1. Likewise Green day did another similar video and it was in regards to the whole "retro" trend though they have been known for actually making their music have a slightly retro sound, and in the video it supposedly was not really that good. But likewise, the American 50s in some instances had a pretty high standard of living. In the 80s I think it was overall pretty bad in some ways. I kind of wonder if thought contagion is in regards to political correctness, or just perhaps something of the nature. I don't know if the whole 80s thing is literally about anything more then style and aesthetics. (It's like something has taken over and has been infecting everyone, they're not acting same or rational etc) In the back to the future franchise, Marty Mcfly in the second movie, But has become the president and is very similar and was in fact based on Trump in it's inception when it was released. The symbolism and concept of the time traveling Delorean between different periods, it kind of coincides with The Globalist, "there's no countries left, to fight or cherish. Survivors, It's time to gather memories of the great nation we were." And this harkens back now to Back to the Future and this whole retro trend. I guess going back and forth in time, to look at what went wrong, especially maybe in the 80s as honestly (even though it's most likely not conscious) it is quite similar to how the current state of the world is now, and I suppose the process in which we find ourselves now and when things started to change for the worse. I suppose then "going back" to how things were back then makes sense in some instances, because things started to really decline in the late 80s early 90s and the big businesses really started to take over and inequality started to become much more rampant and noticeable.
  2. So what does everyone else think of the new single and video? I'm really digging it. I wonder at what they are trying to express, the 8os retro theme that has slowly been catching on, and as weĺl. The back to the future and Michael Jackson thriller reference or ode, I find it very interesting. As well as the vampire thing, all the punks are vampires and are on the side of the police, enforcers, ha. Matt Bellamy arrives somewhere from a different timeline, things have changed? It's interesting to think about.
  3. Hey, so I've practiced singing a bit but I've noticed one thing that doesn't seem to matter how well you can sing technically but your timbre. I really don't like my timbre, and I was wondering how to fix or change it? I sound almost like a lesbian best the guy from silversun pickups. I can match Jeff Buckleys notes a bit with some songs, even like grace, I might be a bit sharp or flat but I get close. My timbre just sucks. I noticed a lot of succesful singers, their timbres are way more unique, characteristic and just sound nicer. Why is this? Is it syllables, how one pronounces when singing, voice protection? How full or shrill one sings?
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