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  1. @ilianabollom : Yes I feel the same, as if they had changed me, I even quitted my job, became unemployed after listening to Muse No kidding! Not a singer or band before had me so addicted to their music like Muse. They are the first I can call my idol @tormund: yeah I know "what the hell have I been listening to all my life and why haven't I heard them sooner?" feeling.
  2. For some reasons I was so busy so I decided that I'll watch it later, the livestream video won't go anywhere how foolish of me, one day later it gots deleted. But thanks god! I was lucky enough to watch it uploaded by another youtuber, right the moments it got deleted again... now it nowhere to be found This show was a miracle watching it made me so emotional. Not only did they played the old songs but Matt seems to go back in time, being his younger self again. Even his voice amazed me, can't imagine that it could be this good. The stage was small, not much decorations, everything was simple but I think that how Muse really is. That was the kind of Muse show I dream of going to one day. @InvincibleMoni: I'm jealous of you for able to go both Shepherd’s Bush and La Cigale show. Your post is well written, I can relate to somehow, and there are nice photos of the band too. I end up read your other 2 posts about Muse too: one about SB and another Reading. It was enjoyable, thank you
  3. yes, my wish came true, although it's only the artwork Feb 15th is like New year eve in lunar calendar, the day after valentine day, I'm so excited will Chris sing, or the song about Chris?
  4. OMG I missed that dot, that SHOWBIZ Dot !!!!!!! Feel so ashamed to call myself a Muse fan right now
  5. I'm looking forward to video clip online, lucky for who can be there
  6. you and all the posts above have me doubt myself too, I read it somewhere someone wrote like that, but not the band talks themself. Thank you all for the correction
  7. Muse once said that they hate doing covers, but Can't take my eyes out off you and Feeling good brought me to Muse. But the first songs from them I like are Undisclosed desired and Time is running out maybe it's suck, I've only became their fan few months ago, but instead I have 7-9 albums to binge listening.
  8. But yesterday, I finally get Jimmy Kane. Only when I felt that my life is suck, I've done nothing right and look at what others has accomplished... This song calmed me, made me felt like it's okay once again. I like the part of "Your can't confuse yourself - Mimicking no one else - Your can't fake it - You will never make it"
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