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  1. I'm not sure what's permissible to share through this forum, is the BBC footage from Reading permissible? I have the a capture of the video and have broken the audio out into tracks. I've no idea how to use file sharing sites though! So if it's not against the rules then perhaps some could let me know how to go about sharing the files?
  2. The youngest is a definite muser, I'm working on the eldest! \m/ \m/ I'm now thinking we'll go see muse when they tour the UK next as well.
  3. I've joined the forum to post on this thread. My wife and I took our boys to see Muse and we had an awesome time. I've bored everyone at work about it all week. The youngest (6) spent his entire time on my shoulders, or the wifes, singing along and the eldest got into it too. It was a bit of a gamble taking them but we got a good spot, same distance out as the sound rig but 30°off to the left of the stage. Good views of the stage and the screens, but not too much pogoing so I wasn't worried about them getting squished! People were singing along all around us, to the guitar as well, and the atmosphere was great. I've not been to a gig since the eldest was born (and never to see muse) and I'm still getting goosebumps watching clips on Youtube and the BBC footage. The youngest was a bit miffed they didn't play Dead Inside (and I'd have liked Reapers) but Plug in Baby and BiB more than made up for it. I was pleased they played Isolated System too. KoC was just fab. Just a fantastic gig. Can't wait until the boys are old enough to go a bit further forward!
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