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  1. Our babysitter has let us down so we have 2 standing tickets available if anyone is interested for a sensible price. GA2 PITCH STANDING BRIDGE 1. PM me.
  2. Hey Dave, As I saw you mention somewhere else, I'm sure you've been swamped with requests...so will keep this short and sweet...What is happening with your spare tickets you can't use ? Is it going to be fair game on TM and if not, could you let me know any details you might have passed on to other fans who PM'd ya !!

    Would love to have an opportunity to go, but alas not holding out hope.



  3. Hi Dave,

    I'm desperate to go to this concert and happy to pay TM/ you. I'm happy to give you extra money on top of the cost if that helps (I'm not rich - I'm a teacher supporting a family of four - just desperate to go!). I joined this site in 2007 (I've been a Muse fan since 2004) so I'm a genuine fan but don't really 'do' social media so I look at the site regularly but don't post. Anyway, I guess I may be 15 minutes too late to be first in line for your ticket but I'm trying just in case!

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