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  1. Okay, thanks. Tbh I was considering using a bumbag as I really don't want to be taking a bigger bag than is necessary. I can't see anywhere on the website FAQs that says if bags are allowed inside or not so I think my best bet is to phone them direct. I'd never do that with an iPad, phone, or otherwise, & I can't stand those selfie sticks. They're one of the most annoying & pointless inventions IMO. Edit: There's cloakrooms inside the venue btw.
  2. @Jobby just saw this on the SBE's website FAQs: Can I bring my camera/iPad/selfie-stick? Non-professional cameras are fine (no large lenses) but please don’t bring iPads or, god forbid, selfie-sticks because you’ll be asked to leave them in the cloakroom. Besides, it’s much more fun to enjoy the moment and not worry about Instagram bragging rights. Edit: There's bound to be bag checks too so keeping it in a bag is out of the question...
  3. I'm really happy for everyone who managed to get tix Tbh standing would've been my first choice - I chose Best Available on the presale as I'd been trying over & over, so by that point I just wanted tix - *but* I'd rather have guaranteed tix than to have waited this long only to miss out. I mean I've only just seen the link anyway so I wouldn't have had a chance, not with just 80 available. It's so lovely of the band & management to have done this Edit: I'm on Level 3.
  4. I was considering taking my tablet to record it. I was going to use my phone & tbh I didn't even think of a tablet until it was mentioned it on here, so I can thank Jobby for that idea I'm on Level 3 so I should be able to get a decent recording, even if I have to zoom in!!
  5. Mostly, yes Although I wouldn't have picked DD, GL, FG, & SM, I wouldn't mind seeing those Not seen DD & haven't seen GL for ages - tbh I don't even remember what it was like when I did as it was so long ago & I didn't know the song very well back then - & FG is always fantastic live Not crazy about AM tbh but Madness & Starlight Starlight's been done *so* many times & tbf I like Madness but it's not one of their best live. Really happy with SP & NSC though I haven't voted just yet, but NSC is one of my definite choices
  6. Yeah I've never been either tbh. I'm on Level 3 & that's unreserved seating or standing. I'm not planning on sitting down for the whole concert, maybe in between songs if I need a rest from standing, otherwise, no. Omg this is going to sound so cheesy but I want to be rocking out & rocking out as hard as I can!
  7. Your story is a little bit similar to mine but different at the same time. I was first introduced to Muse when my boyfriend - who was into them before I was - played me Endlessly on his MP3 player back in 2005. After that I discovered more of their songs including TIRO, but I was into a number of bands at the time - the likes of Linkin Park, Blink 182, & Evanescence, more 'emo' bands (for lack of a better term) - & so I considered myself just a fan. I remember borrowing his player & listening to TIRO on that. The first full album I had was OoS on my phone; I must've copied it from his CD. We saw them live for the first time in 2012 & I liked them more after that. I remember listening to T2L - I think it must've been after the concert - & I really liked it. But 2013 was when I became obsessed. After attending that concert I wanted to own as much of their music as I could get & I wanted to know everything about them. I bought a fair bit of Muse-related merch that weekend 25 May 2013 was one of the best days of my life
  8. I'm hoping that the final setlist won't be revealed, at all. But just in case I'll be trying my best to avoid any spoilers on social media from now until the concert.
  9. I had a dream last night about this concert. What happened was this: I was already at the concert, except it was outdoors. The seating area was on a hill - bizarre - & from what I can remember, there weren't that many people on the hill. I was sat quite near the front & then before the concert started, somebody who was right at the front moved. They didn't come back, so I decided to take the opportunity & sat in their seat. There was a gap between the bottom of the hill - the 'barrier', if you like - & the stage, but there was no fencing in this gap, which wouldn't have stopped anyone from being right up close if they wanted. Except the gap was empty. So they started with Dig Down & then they went off stage, came back almost immediately with slightly different clothes on & they were on my left side of the seating area. They then did Hysteria, with no 'Interlude' beforehand. After that I was like, 'I don't want to know any more songs, I will wait until I see the concert itself'. ???? I was also thinking that I hope the third song wasn't an overplayed hit, & that if it was, it looked like the whole concert would be songs that are still hits but maybe aren't played as much, & no rarities. Weirdly enough, I remember seeing me watching it on a livestream? Idk, the whole dream was really strange. Btw I was also on my own.
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