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  1. I roll into London around 1pm, then high tailing it to the hotel to check in (about 2pm) then getting to the venue. Might try and sneak in a few pre-venue pints in along the way. Since I'm in the top tier, I hoping to get there early enough to get a good spot.
  2. Holy! Right, yeah that looks amazing. I'll be dragging my plus one to the queue as early as possible. But look how close stalls can get. Oh man, I wish I got stalls. I selected them when purchasing my ticket, but it went straight to seated.
  3. Yup! If Bliss gets played then just call an ambulance. That's me gone. Fun fact: I've never been to SBE (terrible I know ) before, so to anyone who has been up in the top, what's it like? Is it a decent view at all?
  4. As soon as I hear the opening palm muted notes to Eternally Missed, I'm going to be an absolute mess. Seriously, I can't wait to hear it live. To be fair, I think I'll be stood with my hands on my head, mouth agape and pretty shouting "Holy Fuck!" every couple minutes. Apologies in advance to everyone on the third level.
  5. Buy me a gin & tonic and I'll consider it Jokes aside, I'd love to hear COD again, it's been a very long time since I heard it live but I'm struggling to see what I'd drop to replace COD.
  6. #SetTheSetFuckedTheVote I like it I'm now thinking I'll just keep my vote and just wait for the night and see what happens. I'm still going to have an absolute belter of a night :D Just one long month of work then I can start my "Muse twice in 4 days" holiday ^^
  7. Still a complete shit show, eh? I'm going to hold off requesting a revote for now. The way they've handled this I fully expect more songs to be added closer to the closing date. This is why I have trust issues
  8. I totally agree with hoping the set list doesn't get leaked, by either that set website or by the band themselves. That feeling when one song ends (and promptly losing the plot) and anticipating the next one, hoping it's an absolute banger like Easily or In Your World (which should be played as a sorry for messing up the voting system). I've booked my hotel and my train tickets for this gig, there's no going back now I somehow managed to upgrade my train ticket to first class. I hope all the posh people like Muse being blasted through my headphones* (*I won't be that guy though....Probably....)
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