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  1. thanks very much for the offer, but we need tix for the London shows 😞
  2. why is it that there is absolutely no option for delivery to Europe or rest of the world!?!? never experienced that before 😞
  3. aaahhhhmmmm is it just me or is there now way you can order the tickets and get them send to Europe!?!? there is just a UK and Ireland option and I can't get my purchase finished!?!?
  4. Yes there Are still seats left but I can’t pay for them?!? There is always in the end an error message
  5. Hi! Is anybody still able to buy tix at gigs and tours or seetickets?!? You always get through to payment and then the system says unable to accept payment exceeded maximum Tickets allowed?!?!?! Are all of them gone ?!?
  6. I don‘t have a clue anymore!! I tried everything and I’m always too late!!!!😡😡😡
  7. Again tried like hell with the refresh button and even was direct on the side where they sell the tix!!! No chance!!! This is absolutely crazy...😡😡😡😡
  8. hi!!! please if anyone has at least 1 spare ticket to sell....please contact a fan in need here please!!!! we are 2 with arranged travel and accommodation for the gig, but still not able to get tickets so far....twicket is a joke!! really trying since the first day they were online and almost refreshing 24/7 every since and nothing....not the slightest chance to even get to the payment....so if someone please could offer us tickets that would be fantastic...we don't even need tickets together just any tickets left over....cheers
  9. same here!!! this is crazy....trying since the day they went on twickets and almost clicking the refresh button 24/7 every since :-( and nothing!! always booked by another buyer!!!!!
  10. Hi! Do you still have that one Ticket?! Because twickets is a nightmare!! You can contact me axel.finkbeiner@yahoo.de





  11. Shit!! No Chance even if you Are straight away trying to Buy Turm....😡😡😡😡😡😡
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