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  1. Awesome song. Not my favorite but damn that guitar solo. Everything about this song is good IMO, especially the intro when the guitar comes in (which is the same in the first post-chorus).
  2. This song is absolutely fantastic. The middle-eastern style is excellent, especially the descending vocal line after the chorus. The scratching solo thing is really cool, the general melody and chord progression in the chorus is amazing. It blows me away. Totally unexpected and exceeded my expectations vastly. Can't put into words how breathtaking this song is for me.
  3. It's probably my least favorite on the album (tied with the regular version of Something Human), but I still enjoy it. The Tove Lo vocals are the worst part IMO, I find them annoying. But, I like the melody and bassline and general feel of the verses, especially the chords in the pre-chorus. The chorus is good, but, it's not that good; it's very simple and there's nothing much really interesting to it. The chord progression is fairly boring, if that's the right word, and there's no instrumental depth, the vocals+lyrics are really simple as well. It's not bad it's just not exceptional in any way. The final chorus, though... wow. That falsetto is just orgasmic. I also love the bridge section, with the thumping drums and the dispersed guitar sounds. But Tove Lo's vocals sound incredibly out of place there. I don't think they work there in the slightest. They work in the verses (but I still don't like them much there), but the bridge is a heavy section.
  4. In terms of flow, Drones is my favorite, with The Resistance a close second, and Origin of Symmetry the next best. Drones has such great transitions between songs. The Handler all the way to the ending track, Drones, is all connected. I love it. The Resistance has an amazing flow as well, Uprising --> Resistance is great as is USoE --> Guiding Light, and of course the full Exogenesis Symphony. I Belong to You works well before Exogenesis too. Origin of Symmetry has New Born --> Bliss which isn't actually connected but it still works very well, as does Bliss --> Space Dementia --> Hyper Music. Ofc Hyper Music flows directly into Plug In Baby, and Citizen Erased flows directly into Micro Cuts, which are amazing parts. Feeling Good is terrible in between Dark Shines and Megalomania and works better after Micro Cuts IMO (which is what it's like in the original press release, and was like on Spotify until it was edited a couple weeks ago), although still not great, but that's automatically a better placing coz Feeling Good --> Screenager is great. As is Screenager --> Dark Shines --> Megalomania. But if we're not looking at flow, then I agree that either Absolution or Black Holes and Revelations are the best because of the best individual songs. Showbiz is just kinda in the middle, it's got amazing individual songs however not quite as great as Abso and BHaR, and it has a great flow, but not quite as great as OoS, TR, or Drones. My personal favorite is The Resistance, love every song on it and the cohesion is impeccable. Exogenesis: Symphony is the most epic closer ever and I've never got bored of Uprising or any of the other songs. And shut up about Guiding Light it's perfect
  5. The final line of Aftermath "loneliness has gone" is supposed to be like that though right? Matt's doing his usual falsetto vocal style here. Or is it just that's it's breathy?
  6. WTF is wrong with Aftermath? It's a great song. God, the Muse fanbase is so bad LMAO, they just pick and choose random songs to put on the hate bandwagon for no reason. Endlessly, Exo-Politics, Guiding Light, and now Aftermath, none of these songs sound bad yet this fucking cancerous picky fanbase dislikes them for no reason. What the hell is wrong with you people?
  7. Well to be fair, Animals has pretty good riffs
  8. Tocaraca


    I like this song. The climax with the electric guitar is epic. Sounds a lot like Madness. Muse is always good
  9. I just heard today that the lead singer of Linkin Park, Chester Bennington, committed suicide. Linkin Park is one of my favorite bands, but Muse is my #1 favorite. Loads of celebrities end up committing suicide. I just pray that it doesn't happen to any of the Muse members. Matt, Chris, Dom, we love you all.
  10. I would consider it "hero worship" if I loved all of their songs just for the sake of it... in this case I genuinely enjoy basically all of what they've made. I like them even more than I used to TBH, since as an 11 year old I never was able to appreciate the Exogenesis Symphony, but now I've realized how great it is.
  11. Why is everyone so negative on music forums?? I love literally all of Muse. Some more than others ofc but any songs sounds great simply because Matt's voice is amazing. Personally I think that The Resistance is up there with all of their other masterpiece albums (which is ALL OF THEM ). The 2nd Law is my least favorite of the albums however that's probably because whenever I listen to it, it reminds me of the time when I saw the Isolated System music video, which traumatized me for months (I was 11 years old there ). Still love the album though... but I had to remove the last 2 songs... I can never listen to them again...
  12. I love the intro with Dom's drums. Really gets me into the song. I also really like the guitar solo. If I were you I wouldn't get caught up on how much other people in the community like certain songs, if anything it's just gonna make people triggered
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