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  1. A really coherent set of work I like these, they really tell the story. I got completely obsessed with this album and listened to it so much to the point I learnt every single bass line off it It looks like you were doing a lot of heavy Drones listening yourself.
  2. Hi there, I wrote a blog post about how Matt's guitar playing lit up my synaesthesia (that's a condition where my senses are crossed so I literally see music when I hear it). It inspired a ton of drawing and much of my current artwork. No other guitarist lights my vision up quite like Matt! His chaotic, distorted sound creates the most incredible twisting, crackled silver/white and occasionally yellow/gold moving shapes. That little guitar solo in the middle of Dig Down? A towering column of lightning and smoke, delicious and breathtaking. Go have a read http://bit.ly/synaesthesia_muse_blogpost There's another here about how I translate what I see in his guitar playing into hand sculpted silver jewellery. http://bit.ly/matt_bellamy_guitar_blogpost Disclaimer: I am a professional artist but the purpose of this post is NOT to sell you anything, absolutely not. I love Muse - you love Muse. I'm sharing the love because I spend so much of my day with Muse playing in my ears and they inspire my work to a huge degree <3 <3 <3 and I thought you might like to see the results Here are a few of my drawings of Matt's playing from the Glasgow show
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