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    I am a synaesthetic artist-jeweller based in the UK. I channel the energy and emotion of music through my synaesthesia to make unconventional jewellery. My synaesthesia takes the form of seeing sound so I have a strong visual impression of shape, colour, movement and texture when I listen to music.

    I had a mind altering experience with Matt Bellamy's guitar at the Glasgow Hydro in 2016 and SO much of my work is inspired by Muse

    read about it here http://bit.ly/synaesthesia_muse_blogpost

    I'm also a bassist (I learned every bassline off Drones, including the Globalist which nearly drove me nuts!) It was Hysteria that made me go, "now is the time, bass is the thing and I want to play that!" ...Mr CT Wolstenholme is a wonder :)
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    Artist Jeweller
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    Muse, Manic Street Preachers, Biffy Clyro, Royal Blood, Moriaty, Hole, Deftones, Pink Floyd, Dire Straits (yes, I see you laughing and pointing!), Iron Maiden, Vulfpeck, Yearbook, The Cure, Reigning Days, Divinity Roxx anything with a good bassline!
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    ...many...many... but my favourites are my box sets of 2nd Law, Resistance and Drones. Precious things...
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    O2 27/10/12
    Glasgow SSE Hydro 17/4/16
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  1. A really coherent set of work I like these, they really tell the story. I got completely obsessed with this album and listened to it so much to the point I learnt every single bass line off it It looks like you were doing a lot of heavy Drones listening yourself.
  2. Hi there, I wrote a blog post about how Matt's guitar playing lit up my synaesthesia (that's a condition where my senses are crossed so I literally see music when I hear it). It inspired a ton of drawing and much of my current artwork. No other guitarist lights my vision up quite like Matt! His chaotic, distorted sound creates the most incredible twisting, crackled silver/white and occasionally yellow/gold moving shapes. That little guitar solo in the middle of Dig Down? A towering column of lightning and smoke, delicious and breathtaking. Go have a read http://bit.ly/synaesthesia_muse_blogpost There's another here about how I translate what I see in his guitar playing into hand sculpted silver jewellery. http://bit.ly/matt_bellamy_guitar_blogpost Disclaimer: I am a professional artist but the purpose of this post is NOT to sell you anything, absolutely not. I love Muse - you love Muse. I'm sharing the love because I spend so much of my day with Muse playing in my ears and they inspire my work to a huge degree <3 <3 <3 and I thought you might like to see the results Here are a few of my drawings of Matt's playing from the Glasgow show
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