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  1. 1. New Born 2. Dead Star 3. Micro Cuts 4. The Handler 5. Fury 6. Butterflies and Hurricanes (Glastonbury riff intro) 7. Sunburn 8. Animals 9. Hyper Music + Microphone Fiend riff outro 10. Stockholm Syndrome + Township Rebellion riff + Psycho riff + Execution Commentary riff 11. Thoughts of a Dying Atheist 12. Yes Please (Who Knows Who riff intro) 13. Plug in Baby 14. Citizen Erased 15. Bliss 16. Futurism 17. Knights of Cydonia 18. Exogenesis: Symphony Part 1 19. Apocalypse Please 20. Space Dementia
  2. Let's all tweet to Matt asking them to play something rare to make up for not playing here in the Drones tour
  3. This gig thread have died down exponentially when compared to the 2010 and the 2013 ones
  4. I would be very happy if they played any of these 4 plus SS. But have they ever played CE and SS together?
  5. I'd say they are on par with R&L with Showbiz, Handler, TaB, and Globalist. I also reckon SS will only be played one night (please be Sydney ) Still, at this stage it's way optimistic to expect them playing Assassin isn't it... And it looks like theres no escaping Dig Down and NKOK But it's going to be my first Muse concert so I'll mosh my life away to whatever they will be playing...
  6. Setlist predictions anyone? Dig down Psycho Interlude Hysteria Butterflies PiB Assassin Stockholm Supermassive Mercy Munich Jam Undisclosed Desires Starlight TIRO TaB Uprising Knights Probably wishful thinking but I hope they consider Japan and Aus as separate 'tours' and offer something different from what they've been playing in the US
  7. Hope they play Butterflies, Stockholm, and one from Showbiz;)
  8. Got GA for my first ever concert... can't wait
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