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  1. I would just love for them to do a by-request show in the US. I am prepared to drop as much money and go into as much debt as possible if they ever announce one of those. It is frustrating that they added Bliss to the European tour. That's one of my favorite songs that I still haven't seen live yet and it would have been a great addition to the show. Of course, I saw the only show in The Second Law tour that didn't get Bliss or New Born and the 2 shows I saw on the amphitheater tour a couple years ago didn't get Bliss either while the 2 shows that were sandwiched around those did. I guess I just don't have good luck when it comes to those songs
  2. Went to the show in DC last night and it was fantastic. Sure, I wish we could have got The Void and Blockades but it was still fun. I wasn't sure how I would feel only getting portions of New Born, Assassin, etc. Going into it I think I would have preferred the whole song, but they played enough of each song in that medley that I enjoyed it a lot. I also forgot how much I enjoyed "Unsustainable" when it's played live. My only gripe was the stretch of Dig Down/Madness/Mercy. It didn't really fit with the rest of the show. Other than that, I had a great time. I put that show up there with the T2L tour show I saw in Oslo. It was definitely better than the 2 amphitheater shows I saw back in 2017.
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