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    Dig Down

    I just will never understand fans like you- why would you subject something that you idolize to remain trapped in a bubble? Embrace change and get out from under the rock of the past. EMBRACE THE STRANGE Dig Down is a great track- I love it. It seeps with depression, but pushes for will: for faith. Pessimism unified with optimism. A beautiful contradiction, indeed.
  2. Show was absolutely divine. <3 Rained out on lawn, but rocked out anyway. Dig Down was killer
  3. Near impossible. Goodluck- best of chances would be on Facebook if there's a massive Muse fan group- as dates get closer, ticket holders can run into problems, forcing them to TRY to get their money back on tickets.
  4. Amphitheater with elevated seating the further back you are. All seating is covered, lawn is exposed to elements. Wind bursts will spray rain blitz, but you should be fine in section 10. NO A/C, be prepared to sweat if in pit, I'd say down a load of water prior, but you're good. Downfall of section 10: ideal sound is always center-most seating, but you'll still feel the music rattle your bones, and I'm sure you'll have a fantastic time.
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