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    Obviously, my name's Ellie. I'm from England but I live in New Zealand. I don't do a whole lot so I tend to be quite boring...It's not like Muse tours here anymore or anything...
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    New Zealand
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    I'll scribble up a drawing occasionally. I like messing around with colors. Social media's more my thing though.
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    twenty one pilots
    Panic! at the Disco
    Royal Blood
    The Killers
    Green Day
    The Neighbourhood
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    Star Wars. The entire franchise.
    Lord of the Rings was pretty good as well.
    And Mean Girls.
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    I'm the only person I know who never watches TV.
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    Origin of Symmetry
    Plug in Baby (Single)
    Hullabaloo (CD and DVD)
    Black Holes and Revelations
    HAARP (Normal and Extended Editions)
    The Resistance
    Undisclosed Desires (Single)
    The 2nd Law (Normal and BTS Editions)
    Live at Rome (DVD)
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    None, they don't tour here anymore :)))) Thanks lads.
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  1. You see, my parents had promised me that they'd fly my over to Australia and help sort me out with tickets (I live in New Zealand). However, it just so happens that on the first tour date, my dad and I fly out to the UK. Just my luck. Pretty disappointing but I'm hoping that whoever goes has a bunch of fun, I wouldn't be bothered about the setlist, just be happy that they're going back to Australia. There's us lot over here in NZ who can't go.
  2. Agh, I dunno. It's always hard to choose my favourite Muse songs because I always change my mind. I'm liking Megalomania, Bliss, Glorious, MK Ultra and Dead Inside at the moment though!!
  3. Agh, I've been really into Black Holes and Revelations recently. That whole album is just great (Apart from MOTP...But to each their own) and that whole era was just really good. It brought us HAARP, which in my opinion, was a brilliant gig. The music was just great and I can't get enough of the album. Plus the music videos from that era were great (nothing beats Bliss though), especially SBH.
  4. Thanks!! I'm lucky enough to have some friends who like Muse, thank goodness. I still have a sliver of hope that Muse tour here one day...I'm probably just gonna lurk around too, unless I see something interesting!!
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