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    Honestly I was never a big fan of Unintended to begin with. I like the instrumentation here, but Matt's soft voice is very hit and miss these days. The cover of We'll Meet Again that he uploaded works so, so well and I'm very excited for a full cover. This however? Probably won't really listen to it again, much like Tomorrow's World.
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    Hi, my first post here... Let me show you my Chris’s OoS tour replica... havent finish it yet, I will change OC3 for an OC2, and I ‘ll find a bigger box for the parallel splitter/mixer... Lots of fun against COVID-19 My pedalboard vs Chris’s OoS tour pedalboard:
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    Who watched it already? Still need to ... link:
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    I haven't had the time to check out the CD's or read through the book yet but Showbiz sounds great on vinyl. It's not a good basis for me to speak to the remastering because I've only ever heard the album digitally before. I can say that the sound is nice and clean. Some really hearty bass rumbles through the verses of Cave. Definitely more listenable than my old Showbiz CD. Falling Down sounded especially warm, full and bluesy. I kinda wish Muse had more songs in their catalogue with this feel. It looks real pretty on the turntable as well.
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    They’ve worked on it a fair while tbf and it’s not really like them to rush out some half-arsed release just for cash. I’d expect it all to be good quality stuff. Curious about the Origin remaster. My favourite album of all time and one I’ve listened to the songs of literally 1000s of times for 10 years...can’t imagine it sounding different. Showbiz is different ‘cos it’s something I’ve actively really wanted. Doesn’t seem to mention if the b-sides are remastered, or is that just me? Would be a shame.
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    It was so damn cool. Well done French musers 💖
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    I see this as a home recording, not really a single or official release, and in that context I find the voice and recording quality endearing. I don't see it as an attempt to change or improve the original song, but more like a social media post sharing what he's playing around with and what resonates with him emotionally at the moment.
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    I really didn't like how harshly he emphasised those ooos either 😂
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    Im not sure if its just me but it sounds like the vocals are a bit too loud or something, overall i like it, the piano instrumental is stunning. Could do without the annunciation of the 'Oohs' at the end but yeah, overall not bad!
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    Yeah tbh I prefer the instrumental version. Matt's young voice on Showbiz is better suited to the song imo. But still cool to hear a piano version. Hopefully we'll get some more of these stripped-down covers.
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    Just gonna link this as well for anyone who missed the first teaser https://www.instagram.com/p/B6jpZ07DMoc/
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    So we’ve had our first crumb of news! ...buuuut unfortunately it makes this thread likely redundant for a good while since work on LP9 is apparently gonna start towards the end of this year, meaning we probably won’t see a release until mid-late 2021 💔 Anyway, let’s get this in early to quell the absolute torrent of posts I’m sure are just around the corner. Other than that, seems like we’ll be returning to the traditional album release format as opposed to the staggered one for ST but that’s all we know so far. No hint of a direction yet. I’m excited at least 😁
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    GUYS that interview has something way more important than the ST film HE NAMEDROPPED >>>>INVINCIBLE<<<< He does remember 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 It’s coming back
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    Guess the war’s back on after all these years
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    Genuinely kinda staggered by the sense of entitlement. Don’t really know where to begin. It’s literally 4 free videos of a silly performance that they’re putting out as a one-off because people have been asking to see it for 7 years and they thought it’d lift spirits a bit. If someone you knew made you a small gift during a rough time, would you also pick that apart because you wanted something bigger or something specific and pass it off as “sharing my opinion that I don’t like what you’re doing”? Don’t really see what OOM has to do with anything at all either? It’s the only thing like that that they’ve ever done and has a hell of a lot in it so...yeah, it’s not gonna be cheap, idk what to tell ya. It’s also not exactly extortionate. They’re hardly the first to do limited edition collector’s items either, and they did put out more when it initially sold out. You suggest putting out another version for £60 but that’s still massively expensive for a music release, so you’d effectively be asking “would you like to pay the high price or the even higher price?” Sure, you can wish Muse put out more gig content than Christmas presents and concert films every few years. Most of us have asked for that at some point in the past. But, in reality, they put out about as much as (if not more) than the average band. But this really shouldn’t be the thing you choose to voice that gripe over. Radiohead are one band, they do a lot of things other band’s don’t and they’ve also literally only just started this public library thing. The gigs they’ve streamed on YT, tmk, are also pretty standard gigs. The board’s dead anyway, at least until the next major release (hopefully). Stuff like this ain’t gonna revive it. For the record, I don’t even wanna watch the footage myself, but moaning that it’s not good enough for one reason or another is just unnecessarily wanky right now imo.
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    2019 Ticketmaster Touring Milestone Award Winners P!NK, The Beautiful Trauma Tour Ed Sheeran, The ÷ Tour BTS, BTS World Tour Love Yourself: Speak Yourself Bon Jovi, This House Is Not For Sale Tour Fleetwood Mac, An Evening With Fleetwood Mac Jonas Brothers, Happiness Begins Tour Justin Timberlake, The Man Of The Woods Tour Muse, The Simulation Theory World Tour Shawn Mendes, Shawn Mendes: The Tour Ariana Grande, Sweetener World Tour Panic! At The Disco, Pray For The Wicked Tour https://blog.ticketmaster.com/ticketmaster-touring-milestone-award-winners-2019/ Live Music Industry - 2019 vs 2020 “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, it was the season of light, it was the season of darkness, it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair.” - Charles Dickens 'Tale of Two Cities' ''Panic on the brain, world has gone insane..." "Would you be my little quarantine?..." “Just need you to tell me we’re all right, tell me we’re okay..." - Tyler Joseph 'Level of Concern'
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    FAWY has always been and remains one of Muse's finest songs. It gets me every time. It's one of their most truly heartfelt.
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    I am not sure but it feels like the tv-version is a bit edited from the cinema version. Since it was some time ago I watched it in the cinema I might be wrong but here is what I feel is different. When I watch it in a cinema in Stockholm they had signs warning about the "flashing" lights in the movie (epileptic seizures) Those scenes seems to be edited away. I read that you felt that the atmosphere wasn't capture in the TV-version and I have to agree a bit to that. I saw the concert movie in a new movie theater in Stockholm with absolute state-of-art sound (dolby atmos) and picture (HFR high frame rate). Compare that to a 720p tv-version and you lose a lot, specially in t he sound. In the cinema I almost felt that the audience sounded to much 😁 . Just a some thoughts I have.. or maybe we both just have waited to long to see the concert at home and our expectations are to high after all waiting. I have attached some pictures from Stockholm 11 June 2016 Thank for the link to the video I really appreciate it 🙏
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    Muse won the NME Award for best Reissue 😎
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    They put a filter on the whole video and it looks bloody ridiculous. Can’t take it seriously at all when it looks like someone’s first project in photoshop when they thought clicking to add an effect was editing
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    Final MUSE Stats Updates for 2019 before I take my leave of absence: Decade 2010s World Tours (TR; T2L; DR; and ST) From September 2009 thru October 2019 Total Estimated Concert Tickets Sold: 6.2 Million Total Estimated Gross: $480 Million [Concert Ticket Sales + Festival Headliner Artist Fees + U2 Support Fees in the USA and South America] Simulation Theory World Tour 2019 Box Office Break-down [Excluding two festival dates in Belgium and Brazil and two Formula One Grand Prix shows in Singapore and Austin, TX] Total Attendance: 1.315 Million (966K Europe; 292K North America; and 57K South America) Total Gross: $102.4 Million ($79.1M Europe; $19.6M North America; and $3.7M South America) Average Ticket Price: $78 Total Shows: 55 Total Cities: 50 Total Countries: 24 Final Simulation Theory Tour Venue Box Office Reports: Passeio Maritimo de Alges/Lisboa - 24 July 48,319 Attendance $3,420,621 Gross Ticket Sales Papp Lazslo Sports Arena/Budapest - 28 May 13,516 Attendance $1,083,160 Gross Capital One Arena/Washington DC - 2 April 11,271 Attendance $868,582 Gross Source: Touring Data Simulation Theory - Year End Album Chart Positions in Selected Markets Switzerland (#16 in 2018; #88 in 2019) - Schweizer Hitparade Belgium Wallonia (#21 in 2018; #64 in 2019) - Ultratop United States (#46 in 2019) - Billboard Top Current Albums [Over 130,000 pure album sales from November 2018 thru November 2019 per Nielsen Music] France (#50 in 2018; #118 in 2019) - SNEP [Platinum Certified - Over 130,000 sales and streams] Netherlands (#67 in 2018) - Dutch Megacharts Italy (#72 in 2018) - FIMI [Gold Certified - Over 25,000 sales and streams] Belgium Flanders (#73 in 2018; #197 in 2019 - Ultratop United Kingdom (#77 in 2018) - Official Charts Company [Gold Certified - Over 100,000 sales and streams] 2019 Year End Billboard Rock Genre Chart Positions in the USA Simulation Theory #30 Alternative Albums #52 Top Rock Albums 'Pressure' #25 Rock Airplay Songs #27 Alternative Songs #43 Hot Rock Songs Latest Singles Certifications: 'Feeling Good' - UK Gold 'Uprising' - UK Platinum 'Starlight' - Italy Platinum 'Psycho' - UK Silver
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    Man, lists used to be so much easier to make when you didn’t have bloody 8/9 albums to account for.
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    Moving on to the Origin of Symmetry vinyl, I wouldn't say that the differences are as noticeable as they were with Showbiz. Which is probably for the better because, as has been mentioned previously, OoS really wasn't in serious need of remastering anyway. On first listen, I noticed the first significant differences during Citizen Erased. Comparing the vinyl remaster to a hi-res MQA stream on Tidal, the newer version seemed to have the bass pulled forward and a wider soundstage while the Tidal stream was more centered, louder and in-your-face so to speak. Comparing the LP to a hi-res stream might be too "apples and oranges" to be considered a real analysis of the remaster but subtle differences were there. Either way, the discs looked lovely once again.
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    I totally made sure to just try and tear that box in the most convoluted way I could. Also that first shot took me so long. I hanged my phone off of a mic stand.
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    Would also like to confirm that the alt. Recess is in fact pretty much that heavier live version, just has some piano in it as well. Dunno why some people described it as mellow. Yeah IK, Shine Acoustic’s in the Origin Demos and it’s nice but the final version had so much potential for a lovely remaster 💔 Kettle Lead’s the better of the two imo, most similar to Forameus. Chris has some good backing yells on it, particularly the last scream. Turns out I was actually listening to the MM EP version lmao. The old bootleg download I’d had for a decade must’ve just had the album version instead. Showbiz has some noticeable new (or at least I don’t think I’d noticed them before) panning backing vox during the ‘rhythms of greed’ verses that are pretty fing cool though. Host, too, in the first verse. I think he kinda combined his definition of ‘hook’ with ‘heavy’. The examples he gives to compare are New Born, PIB and the Hysteria bassline. There isn’t really anything like those on the album I guess, and they feel it’s a big part of their identity (and they’re not wrong tbf). That’s why they started to throw stuff like the Pre-Sunburn, Ashamed, Minimum etc riffs into gigs and b-sides ended up having more of that. Though that’s one of the biggest reasons I actually love Showbiz so much, for being the only album to do that really. I feel like I’m potentially spoiling it for people who don’t have it yet though so I’ll try to stop, am just excited.
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    So, finished my first peruse through. Really lovely package overall, totally lived up to my hopes in pretty much every way. The remastering’s good, from what I can tell, and the pull-outs and photos progressing along with the story really brings a lot of it home. Interview’s lovely, Beaumont really is the perfect choice. Lotta stuff you’ll already know but there’s still a fair amount of new takes/perspectives from the band and others that I found surprising at times and great to finally find out. Literally my only gripe are the omissions of FWTC, Forameus and Shine Acoustic. I know the first 2 weren’t really officially released but it just seems so weird to leave those 3 things out, particularly Shine, when so much effort has gone into every other facet. But god I love this band, come back soon lads ffs 💔
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    Happened since the site overhaul and aye it’s piss annoying People have it, as you might expect. Not me unfortunately (also as you might expect) 💔 All I’ve heard is apparently the alt. Recess is actually a piano version, not the heavier live version from back in the day that we expected. Exciting if true, still waiting to hear about the remaster quality though.
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    https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Signed-copy-of-Showbiz-Muse-Maverick-Release-1999/293290058302?epid=3352192&hash=item444973223e:g:mq8AAOSwUQBdrdtT soms fans are trying to get a new fan site going, at www.musecollectors.org a Signed Showbiz is up for auction on Ebay, to help with the running costs. also need help, from the real collectors and real fans. feel free to contact us through the Website. best wishes, Sharky.
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    Ok but touring to promote Origin Of Muse and calling it the “Rocket Baby Dolls Tour” would be pretty dope. Muse, if you’re listening...
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    How are people complaining about this? "Poor effort," really? They clearly put a lot of effort into this and it's packed with content. They never said it was going to be jam-packed with every bit of unreleased content they could find. There's still as much, if not more, unreleased content than I was expecting, and the rest of it is a lot more than I was expecting. The book itself looks really well made as well. Also, if you genuinely think this is simply a cash grab then I guess you think literally anything a band releases besides albums is a cash grab. Of all things to call a cash grab 🙄
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    Je vous donne les quelques liens des vidéos que j'ai faites lors du concert du 6 juillet 2019 : Starlight avec les ballons lumineux avec le message Welcome The Simulation Madness : Dig Down (avec les téléphones portables dans le public qui sont allumés)
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    Enjoying that you are showing some FF love. How is this thread nearly a decade old?
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    Fans From Malaysia.. *Memory Remains Forever.. Now HOPE We will HOPE We will HOPE that they'll be coming again.. *Take A Bow... For all Malaysian Musers...
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    *Assassin @ The London O2 on the 14th of April 2016 (also I have been v stressed lately so it’s possible I may sound more passionate than I normally would be)
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    I'm late but I did finally get mine over a month after release (despite pre-ordering within an hour of announcement). Even though I had heard most of the Newton Abbot stuff before, I never paid much attention to it because the quality was so bad. But I really enjoyed them on the CD that came with the box set! The songs are still rough around the edges, but the energy is classic Muse. I also wasn't expecting to love the actual book part of the set as much as I did. It was nice to see the band have such positive things to say about their early material, particularly with how much they have tried to distance themselves from their first couple of albums. Overall I'm super pleased with the OoM, I just wish it hadn't taken so long to be shipped to me.
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    Another one for my birthday 😊
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    Danke dir auch für die netten Worte!
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    Debut Chart Positions in the United Kingdom and continental Europe for the sales tracking week 6-12 December 2019 Origin of Muse #2 Official UK Vinyl Albums (#1 WHO by The Who) #48 Official UK Physical Albums (CDs and Vinyl Sales) #50 Official Scottish Albums Top 100 #58 Netherlands Albums (Dutch charts) #68 Belgium-Wallonia Albums (Ultratop) #70 Official UK Albums Top 100* #121 Belgium-Flanders Albums (Ultratop) *Prior album chart appearances and positions for Origin of Symmetry and Showbiz on this UK chart compiled by the Official Charts Company were September 2011 at #75 and October 2009 at #93, respectively. Note: Chart positions for this box set in other markets including France, Switzerland, Italy, and the US will be revealed early next week.
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    I love piano versions 😍 I don’t have it, hopefully tomorrow!
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    Yes, after about one week I think.
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    I'm going to make an unboxing video when it arrives.
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    Spiral Static (big time) and Unintended are new features in my list for this. SS is one of those that I’ve just casually slept on for a decade before realise “oh shit it’s actually maybe one of their best songs”. Unintended also maybe gets written off a bit ‘cos it’s old and a really conventional ballad but the sentiment and vocals are gorgeous.
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    Last UK gig “for a while” according to Matt 💔 Origin Of Muse tour hopes? Dashed. Bank account? Spared.
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    I'm so happy they played The void, my favourite on ST, I love this performance 😊 I hope they'll play it again...and they'll play Blockades too.
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    Ah shiet, we’re gonna get high quality version of this arrangement of Recess ain’t we The chorus
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    I couldn't disagree more.
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    He looks nice... Well sorry, he's not my kind, so I can't truly appreciate, even though I love his madness on stage. It's so funny... Two days ago he was so happy with the surprise we made them, that he threw his guitar 5 times in a raw XD
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