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    It was so damn cool. Well done French musers 💖
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    Review: Muse might just have delivered the best show of 2019 Brit band Muse delivers a stunning show, even by its own high standards https://www.mercurynews.com/2019/03/10/review-muse-might-just-have-delivered-the-best-show-of-2019/ Muse Proves That Resistance is Futile at The Forum https://ocweekly.com/muse-proves-that-resistance-is-futile-at-the-forum/ Concert Review: Muse Embraces ’80s-Retro-Futurism, and Fun, at Forum Show https://variety.com/2019/music/news/muse-forum-live-concert-review-1203162118/
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    It's unfortunate cause I've not liked the look of the daylight shows for this setup.
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    My thoughts are that he's going to expand his own signature line at the very least. Maybe offer further variation at different price levels. As for a bass series, no idea - especially since that one was a gift. Though the DH-1 was a gift too, and that's available to purchase. Do feel free to discuss the guitars themselves in the K&T thread too - only saying that since Bs has left us and there's far less content to say the least... Happy to leave this thread here since it's more about the company itself. Also, nice post from Tom Morello: Cheeky fun fact: the vinyl lettering on that guitar was made by our very own @musecasters and @rust_relic
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    So I haven't really been on the board a lot, what's our current consensus on the tour/setlist so far? Personally I think the visual side hits it even further out of the park than previous tours, if that's possible. Also the setlists have been pretty banging considering it's the NA leg, but then again someone who doesn't rank ST as highly as I do probably isn't enjoying the sets so far.
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    Matt's never going to stop referring to Oakland as San Francisco. I'll write more tomorrow but that was very fun.
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    If the band are ever "embarrassed" of him and keep him off the tour blu-ray I will personally fight Matt.
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    There's something about these medleys, especially the new jam, that feels like they're just speedrunning their early career. I'm conflicted in that I like getting snippets of good and rare songs but also it feels like such a cheap presentation of these songs.
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    Aye, majorly fecking excited. This is looking like potentially being in their top 2 arena setups for me atm, so interested to see what the performers add. Looking forward to any and all debuts but it’s still gonna hurt seeing other people enjoy them months before me 😂
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    I think we’re talking about the big ass robot in the back of the stage from the Dark Side/ Algorithm music videos. Other one is just RoboMatt
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    Answers from Chris: How did you enjoy playing football with fans? Is it something you will consider doing again in the future? Definitely. It was great fun to get the fans involved. Although the problem was that more people turned up to watch than actually play. Will do it again sometime for sure. You've commented on the changing face of music releases and the decreasing relevance of albums. Part A: Would a piecemeal approach mean more frequent release of new music in the form of singles? Part B: Would you consider releasing the odd acoustic track in this manner? I don’t think you could ever rule anything out in the future. It’s very clear that the music industry has changed massively and I think artists have to adapt to that. If that means releasing more individual songs than albums then I think that’s fine. I do feel we will still do albums, but maybe not quite as frequently. Who knows. The whole industry changes so fast these days! Was it tough for you mentally to be so popular in Europe but then come to the U.S. and still be relatively unknown? Or did you kind of enjoy being able to have two different identities, so to speak? To be honest I quite liked it. One of my favourite tours was our first proper tour in the USA. We had just come off the back of the Absolution European arena tour and went into two months of playing small club shows in the USA. It was like experiencing being a new band again. There was something really refreshing about selling out Wembley Arena and struggling to sell 800 tickets in New York. When you complete an album do you ever feel like a song still needs to be edited or tweaked? If so, which ones? I don’t think a song is ever really finished. There are always things that could be done differently, but I think sometimes you just have to draw a line under things and move on. You could drive yourself crazy thinking about all of the things that could have been done better. It’s better to learn from things and try to do them better next time. What advice would you give to any young musicians trying to start a band or writing music? I’ve always said that the main reason to make music should always be for pure enjoyment. If a hobby can turn into a career than it’s fantastic, but even if it doesn’t you should still be able to enjoy the music making process. Any plans on recording or working on film scores? There are no solid plans at the moment. We still have a fair few gigs to do and after that I think we will take a bit of a break. If you had to do a show for people who have never heard about you which 5 songs you would choose to represent who you are as a band? Plug in Baby Stockholm Syndrome Knights of Cydonia Madness Uprising Muse have a large variety of music videos. Some have more imagery and seem to be taken more seriously than others. How much direction do the band members give for the videos and what is the filming process like? Do you guys enjoy making them in general? Are there any videos that stand out to you (from Muse or others) as well executed? Making videos has always been a pretty painful process if I’m honest. You spend most of the day sitting around waiting for something to happen. I think that’s why we did things like the Panic Station video. Something that we pretty much shot ourselves with some friends and had a good time doing. In terms of direction, I think sometimes Matt has a very strong idea as he may want something that ties into the meaning of the song. Other times we can be quite open to input from directors. Have the inner band relationships changed over time? Of so, in what way? Do they keep in contact when not on the road or in the studio? I think the relationships have changed a bit but only in the sense that we aren’t kids anymore. When we started we hung out a lot together, but as you get older and start to have families then you tend to spend more of your personal time away from the band. We spend so much time on the road together anyway. During Muse's early days, the band did acoustic renditions of their album songs. Do any of you think about doing any additional acoustic work in the future, or does the band feel that doing acoustic work is something that's already been experimented with enough? I think the only time we ever really did acoustic stuff was on our first couple of trips to the States. We used to do a fair few acoustic sets at various radio stations. The last acoustic set we did was for Jo Whiley on the radio the morning after headlining Docklands Arena. It was a bit of a mess if I remember rightly and from that point onwards we never really did them.
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    I'm so happy they played The void, my favourite on ST, I love this performance 😊 I hope they'll play it again...and they'll play Blockades too.
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    aaand ... the moaners are back. Go on, let it all out, when you‘re finished we can hopefully can get back to the excitement ABOUT THIS GREAT RELEASE !!! thx
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    If I could pick any one song to hear them play live, it's that.
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    Ich fand das Konzert richtig toll und ich war auch mit meinem Platz zufrieden (erste Reihe im zweiten Abschnitt). Der Kritik mit der Setlist kann ich mich nur anschließen. Ich hätte ja eigentlich gedacht, dass sie zumindest Undisclosed Desires spielen, weil wir Deutschen es ja so lieben (laut Matt).
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    It's all cleaned up now. Just flag me down on twitter again if it happens. I'll be around more frequently now.
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    It should be even better indoors as we won't be waiting for the sun to go down. At London and Bristol it just seemed to go to another level when it was darker. Can't wait again!!
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    Ditto here Annie, literally just got a code but now can't get to the tickets!! Extremely frustrating!!
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    I emailed customerserviceteam@warnermusic.com and they have just responded and given me my code for tomorrow but haven't given the link to purchase. But it is a start!
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    Ich mache meistens auch nur so ein paar Fotos, wobei die meistens eh nichts werden. 🙄 Aber die meiste Zeit konzentriere ich mich voll und ganz auf das Konzert.
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    The production really has come a long way
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    Actually my perfect setlist to Stade de France would be : -The all ST album (with Gospel Version for DD and Piano Version for The Void) -Unsustainable with Matt's voice -Some rare musics to let Matt breathe like Minimum or The Gallery -Instead of 10/15 minutes of medley, Showbiz + 2 songs never (for example Aftermath, Map or your head, FAWY, Exogenesis part 2...) or not often played
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    What did you wear, how do you look like.. I don‘t like to post my pic on the internet.. I was wearing a red T-shirt, black trousers, kinda dark-blonde long hair, but in a ponytail.
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    Support acts have been known for a while pal, on the news board. It's Tom Morello and Pale Waves.
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    Ok, ich hätte auch nichts gegen die ein oder andere Änderung. Komisch finde ich, dass sie 2x Algorithm spielen. Gut - beim Intro ist es nur eine kurze Version - aber trotzdem... Ich werde am Mittwoch an dich denken! 😉 Viel Spaß und genieße es! LG biene
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    Haha I hate (US)amphitheater shows for two reasons: 1- Security at outdoor venues tends to be a lot less competent than venues that operate year-round, so queuing/entry is a complete cluster. I've literally never had a smooth entry procedure for any amphitheater gig that I had GA tickets for. (Whether Muse or other bands). and 2 - it sucks queuing all day and attending gigs in 100F weather in the south. I've passed out before at a gig due to heatstroke and it's not fun!! just my 2 cents. Of course, a shitty gig is better than no gig at all if they don't come anywhere near you or you need a fix. edited to add: I suppose if you don't queue and just relax and go to chill, drink a beer, whatever, then it might be a great experience. i wouldn't know 😜
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    Try this one, should be 2 left. There were still arena tickets a short while ago MUS866D567
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    I merged your thread with the existing topic. Which shows won’t have early entry?
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    Weird there weren't any Pacific Northwest shows. I'm in Vancouver and would have bussed down to Seattle if that had been an option. But nope, just gotta hope they can do a 2nd leg!
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    Getting to work on the Humster clone, but shh! Still designing it.
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    Yeah I know, that was my point in comparing this tour to T2L. They played stadiums that summer and then came back to the US in September with the same production as the 1st leg. But yeah, it will all depend on money. Don't get me wrong, I was happy they came back at all after Drones to play gigs for the places they skipped, but looking back - it kind of sucked. Summer amphitheater shows here in the Southeast are miserable because of the heat and humidity (and delays for storms like in Charlotte). With the smaller stage setup and both Muse and 30STM having VIP tickets with early entry, there was virtually no barrier left for normal GA folks at any of the gigs. That's why I'm so worried. I despise amphitheater shows and would rather see them play half of an arena any day. But ofc it's prob not the financially smart option. ☹️
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    pretty f'in cool show!! spoiler: i couldn't tell from the thumbnails i saw of videos/clips from previous shows (that i didn't watch) if the oversized robot/cyborg was inflatable or image of the wraparound screen. i now know which it was
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    It was a nice show. After last tour that's all I asked for.
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    Legit becoming my favourite Muse song.
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    I don't know what to do anymore. I'm really pissed off about all of this. Partly because I do understand GA goers point of view, in a sense that if we don't fight it and agree on GA coming onto the floor with premium ticket holders, it MAY help the cause in the long run and the 2nd tier VIPs will die out eventually. And of course I'm all in for it, that's what I wanted in the first place anyway. But on the other hand: what are the odds of that actually happening? Seems bit naive anyway. And it's really hard NOT to fight for what you've been promised and paid a lot of money for... especially that, come on, I know it may seem easy to let go and not that important in the bigger scheme of things, but this is my big dream that we're talking about. I was waiting for it and planning it for years. Of course it entails huge emotions, just like queuing for 14 hours does. Maybe even more, because in the line no one lies to me, and here I've been most clearly screwed. So far it really ruins it all for me. I start questioning the whole point of it. Because if I'm stressed about it now, months in advance, what will it be like on the day? Above all though, I want some clarity - I want band to either confirm or deny it was their idea. I want them to know we think it was shit move, that they should have informed us about it officially earlier, and not go behind people's backs like this. I want CID to take responsibility for what they offered and didn't deliver, or at least being frank about how the things stand. But that last is probably the most naive hope I've ever had. Seems like I'll be learning a lesson the hard way either way. I just honestly hope it's not band's doing. Because if it is, I may really lose my over ten year long respect for them. Not because I don't agree with what they potentially did, but because of the shitty way they did it.
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    It's very cinematic, but much too futuristic sounding for GoT in my opinion. My early guess is that it might be for The Twilight Zone reboot, which is premiering on CBS on April 1st Trailer music doesn't sound a million miles away from Muse's song either ...
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    Which one is it then, though? ‘Cos with Drones the criticism was that they weren’t doing enough with the time they had, and now it’s that they’re doing too much and rushing. They’ve always been the kind of band to shut up and get on with it and, with such an elaborate production, they’ll have had to keep things v tight timing-wise. I think the fact they’re squeezing so much in is great, they’ve really listened and tried their best to fill the set out with more of their own stuff imo.
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    I showed up 2-3 hours early (I think) to the show in Austin back in 2017 and was able to get almost to the barrier. I had one or two people in front of me and I was standing in front of Matt’s microphone. I also had vip for that concert so we got to go in 15-30 minutes before the rest of the GA people went in but they did it in groups for some reason. Not sure if that’s how it’ll be this time around or if they’ll just let us all go at once. Most venues let you in with a closed water bottle. I would take one just in case because it can get pretty hot down there
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    Yes, same! I'm looking forward to the gigs ! It will be amazing and I know some time in the (near) future I'm gonna see a normal Muse - gig with them playing their instruments, singing, some lights so all is fine
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    You know, I wouldn't necessarily see that as a bad thing, to be honest. There's no need for them to make stratospheric numbers or cater to a specific kind of audience to be great. EDIT: That is, not more than they've already done, I mean.
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    Since the Drones tour, Psycho’s repetitiveness and length has really caught up to it and is sharply turning into one of my least fave staples. Even enjoy TIRO more and maybe, maybe, Knights at this point.
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    Guys, read the thread and the announcement. PM me or Jess and we can sort it out
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    Interesting. That is the gig I am going to on my holiday. I am an Englishman visiting that part of the world for the first time. Could not get standing, so I am seated in the lower level.
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    Dom’s reaction to that Virgin Radio fella saying Dig Down was one of his shining moments “..........Dig Down? uhhhh yeah totally”
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    Interested Do you have a list or pictures ? Thanks
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    Am I the only who honestly CAN'T STAND "Hate This and I'll Love You"?
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