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    I totally made sure to just try and tear that box in the most convoluted way I could. Also that first shot took me so long. I hanged my phone off of a mic stand.
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    Would also like to confirm that the alt. Recess is in fact pretty much that heavier live version, just has some piano in it as well. Dunno why some people described it as mellow. Yeah IK, Shine Acoustic’s in the Origin Demos and it’s nice but the final version had so much potential for a lovely remaster 💔 Kettle Lead’s the better of the two imo, most similar to Forameus. Chris has some good backing yells on it, particularly the last scream. Turns out I was actually listening to the MM EP version lmao. The old bootleg download I’d had for a decade must’ve just had the album version instead. Showbiz has some noticeable new (or at least I don’t think I’d noticed them before) panning backing vox during the ‘rhythms of greed’ verses that are pretty fing cool though. Host, too, in the first verse. I think he kinda combined his definition of ‘hook’ with ‘heavy’. The examples he gives to compare are New Born, PIB and the Hysteria bassline. There isn’t really anything like those on the album I guess, and they feel it’s a big part of their identity (and they’re not wrong tbf). That’s why they started to throw stuff like the Pre-Sunburn, Ashamed, Minimum etc riffs into gigs and b-sides ended up having more of that. Though that’s one of the biggest reasons I actually love Showbiz so much, for being the only album to do that really. I feel like I’m potentially spoiling it for people who don’t have it yet though so I’ll try to stop, am just excited.
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    So, finished my first peruse through. Really lovely package overall, totally lived up to my hopes in pretty much every way. The remastering’s good, from what I can tell, and the pull-outs and photos progressing along with the story really brings a lot of it home. Interview’s lovely, Beaumont really is the perfect choice. Lotta stuff you’ll already know but there’s still a fair amount of new takes/perspectives from the band and others that I found surprising at times and great to finally find out. Literally my only gripe are the omissions of FWTC, Forameus and Shine Acoustic. I know the first 2 weren’t really officially released but it just seems so weird to leave those 3 things out, particularly Shine, when so much effort has gone into every other facet. But god I love this band, come back soon lads ffs 💔
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    Happened since the site overhaul and aye it’s piss annoying People have it, as you might expect. Not me unfortunately (also as you might expect) 💔 All I’ve heard is apparently the alt. Recess is actually a piano version, not the heavier live version from back in the day that we expected. Exciting if true, still waiting to hear about the remaster quality though.
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    Moving on to the Origin of Symmetry vinyl, I wouldn't say that the differences are as noticeable as they were with Showbiz. Which is probably for the better because, as has been mentioned previously, OoS really wasn't in serious need of remastering anyway. On first listen, I noticed the first significant differences during Citizen Erased. Comparing the vinyl remaster to a hi-res MQA stream on Tidal, the newer version seemed to have the bass pulled forward and a wider soundstage while the Tidal stream was more centered, louder and in-your-face so to speak. Comparing the LP to a hi-res stream might be too "apples and oranges" to be considered a real analysis of the remaster but subtle differences were there. Either way, the discs looked lovely once again.
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    I haven't had the time to check out the CD's or read through the book yet but Showbiz sounds great on vinyl. It's not a good basis for me to speak to the remastering because I've only ever heard the album digitally before. I can say that the sound is nice and clean. Some really hearty bass rumbles through the verses of Cave. Definitely more listenable than my old Showbiz CD. Falling Down sounded especially warm, full and bluesy. I kinda wish Muse had more songs in their catalogue with this feel. It looks real pretty on the turntable as well.
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    Thank you, I’ll give that a try tomorrow evening!
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    Use the program Exact Audio Copy (EAC). Insert the CD, run gap detection (press F4), then select track 1 Cave (it should be highlighted in red) and click “copy selected tracks index-based.” exactaudiocopy.org
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    Clearly the high point of this clip was the epic fail trying to tear the cardboard open before opting for the much simpler pull-tab. 😂 Great job though. Mine just arrived an hour ago and I haven't gotten around to opening it yet. I'll definitely go for the pull tab though. Thanks for the instructional video.
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    Was hoping to get this for xmas but noticed its either massively sold out or the price has gone through the roof depending where you look. Anyway, after a lot of indie shop hunting I managed to find it new for £115
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    Mega. Very raw - in the best way. No obvious cleanup going on, really good. And I wonder whether there's Q-Sound or something else been added to it to give it more 3D depth. It almost sounds like a surround sound recording at times - even though there's nothing coming out of my rear speakers. There's so much depth in parts of it - the piano at the beginning of SD in particular.
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    Ich hatte deine Frage ganz übersehen, war ja auch schon länger nicht mehr hier. Ich hatte die Box vorbestellt und habe sie heute bekommen. Kannst dich drauf freuen. Aber 2-3 Wochen sind schon hart. 🙄
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    i'm gonna make a video about this but i'll have to watit until im sober and have slept then ill see what i can do
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    Also BREAKING Matt thinks Con-Science is one of their absolute best songs and seemingly has for a long, long time. They also really like the emotional rawness of Showbiz and the only reason they’re slag it off a bit is ‘cos of the lack of big hooks (which is still silly but surprising). I believe the kids call it ‘tea’ ☕️
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    God this whole thing is getting me so nostalgic (for a time I was only 0-2 for but y’know 😅). Idk about you lot but I’ve always had such a soft spot for the fabled Rocket Baby Dolls getup combined with the early demos, it’s almost like some folklore myth with the lack of photos from that show. Gahhh I’ve dreamt a few times of being in some ‘one night only’ Rocket Baby Dolls tribute band show down in Devon full of other fans with all the makeup and costumes and whatnot. Well, ideally the band themselves’d be doing it but lmaooo nah. Surprised no one’s done it though (or they probs have and I haven’t been aware). Getting to that now 👀 though I’m far from an expert on waveforms and mixing and shit so I can only give a layman’s opinion but hey ho Edit: on MM so far and....I think it’s good 🤭 weird to get used to something I’ve listened to religiously for 10 years differently tho ALSO THE PIB DEMO IS DIFFERENT TO THE ONE WE HAD BEFORE AND IT’S SIKKKKK Sober sounds so different the fucj
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    Sitting through the NA demos in much better quality reading through the early RBD stories and photos, I’m in such a place rn 😭😭😭😭😭😭 ❤️ Gutted about Falling With The Crowd and particularly Forameus though
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    Just had an email from Amazon UK shifting their delivery back to 19-21 December! They apologise for the delay and say am free to cancel - but now sold out on the MUSE store so am screwed - just hoping it comes in time for Xmas!
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    Anybody order from Amazon in the UK? Supposed to be arriving today but not dispatched yet 🙄
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    Just been informed it’s sitting at home wistfully waiting for me to arrive back from work and open it with the love it deserves 😭 Edit: fuck why didn’t I take the day off
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    I’ve only listened the first disc so far. (Got the box around 8 pm) I’ll listen more later in the evening (and tomorrow).
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    Got the box today here in Finland. 👍👍
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    I love piano versions 😍 I don’t have it, hopefully tomorrow!
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    Yes, after about one week I think.
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    5 days 4 days 😁
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    I'm going to make an unboxing video when it arrives.
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    It’s finally streaming on New Year’s Day at 1:30am on some German TV channel called 3sat 😁 if ya wanna try and catch or be sensible and wait for the (hopefully) inevitable rip
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    Ooohhh. It’s real! Guess I finally gotta get myself a record player. And a CD player too, now that I think of it.
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    OH MY GHOFQ#FW$RGGBETHNITEHPHJdg What the fuck that's Tom
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    They just tweeted this: And removed it.
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