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    Bored at work, sketched my new crush tee hee
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    I forgot to show you this. My first gig souvenir, from Matt
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    Ugh - we were on level 9 of the car park 😐 After last year's experience getting out, we'd decided that we'd head into Westfield and eat after the show, rather than wait in the car. In the end, a prompt exit from the GA seating at the end of Knights and a dash across the bridge got us up to our floor before anyone else seemed to have left, so we gave it a go. We made it down to the barriers before the traffic came to a near standstill. It was clear that it was all the pedestrian management that was causing gridlock - but were out in 5 mins. 5 mins later back to the car and we'd have been 2 hours in there. Felt a bit too smug being back home before midnight.... But yes, a more hideous venue and logistics is hard to imagine. Such a shame - it did look dead over there. GA seating was great - everyone on their feet from the start, and decent engagement. Worst too for you was that there was no rush for tickets in the end - you could even have picked up the £30 GA Twickets tickets last week. Like a lot of gigs, though, I enjoyed it a lot - but the memories mature and improve afterwards. And, interestingly, a 5* review from the Guardian And here's a handful of pics from me:
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    It's a fun set. I enjoyed it a lot more than the Drones arena shows and they finally went with the lots of lights and a big screen stage like I wanted. Even if the dancers all quit it would still be an impressive show. The mid section could still use some work, but it's not as draining as it has been in other tours, so it's not the worst setlist to be touring around. The supposed rotations are bad and I'm glad I did not get them.
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    I definitely have always agreed with these complaints and been angered at their treatment toward US shows/fans, but I think right now is an odd time to be complaining about it. They're playing full 2-hour shows and clearly putting in a ton of effort. The show also includes Take a Bow and overall a good chunk of older material, albeit not full songs. But honestly, though I would prefer full songs, the metal medley looks like a fucking awesome blitz of heaviness that lasts 13 minutes long, and I love that they put it in the encore instead of finishing with the dreadful Uprising - Starlight - Knights. They were likely never going to play Assassin but they at least threw in the riff for the hardcore fans. Same with Futurism and Micro Cuts, two really deep cuts. They threw those riffs in as part of the drum and bass jam. I think they're at least trying to please everyone. And luckily there's also 4 songs from Simulation Theory that I really love and they are all played as well (Algorithm, Dark Side, Propaganda, BITM). I'm content, as it's honestly a good bit better than my expectations going into this tour. Also I completely agree that they should drop/rotate a few of their singles, but complaining about their inclusion of Starlight/SMBH/Uprising is not really warranted imo. Those are literally their 3 biggest songs. Almost every band in existence plays their biggest hits at every single show. In the US at least this would include Madness as well, as that is probably their biggest hit in the US.
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    Cookie login time now set at a week, thanks for the feedback!
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    Happy 20th Anniversary for one of my Top Five favourite MUSE tracks! Merci to @MuseFrance for the reminder. 'Bliss' made its debut live performance 20 years ago today on 18 August 2000 at the Bizarre Music Festival in Weeze, a small German town northwest of Düsseldorf. Coldplay was also on the same bill earlier that day. Nineteen years later MUSE performed in front of 65,000 fans at Goffertpark in Nijmegen located about 40 km from Weeze across the border with the Netherlands and the river Maas (French: Meuse). Peak chart positions in 2001: #22 UK; #40 Netherlands; and #87 France Number of career live performances: 527 which is the 11th most played song in the band's discography during their worldwide tours First performance in the USA: Bowery Ballroom, NYC in April 2004 after the earlier show at the Cotton Club in Atlanta GA was shortened due to Matt cutting his upper lip on the neck of his guitar during CE Official music video: 35 million views on YouTube which is the 14th most streamed MUSE video on that platform Best live performances: Reading Festival (2011) and Mayan Theatre, Los Angeles (2015) I was fortunate to finally see the band perform it live at the London Stadium Simulation Theory tour gig a year ago on 1 June Video of the first performance:
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    Honestly I was never a big fan of Unintended to begin with. I like the instrumentation here, but Matt's soft voice is very hit and miss these days. The cover of We'll Meet Again that he uploaded works so, so well and I'm very excited for a full cover. This however? Probably won't really listen to it again, much like Tomorrow's World.
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    Hi, my first post here... Let me show you my Chris’s OoS tour replica... havent finish it yet, I will change OC3 for an OC2, and I ‘ll find a bigger box for the parallel splitter/mixer... Lots of fun against COVID-19 My pedalboard vs Chris’s OoS tour pedalboard:
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    Who watched it already? Still need to ... link:
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    I haven't had the time to check out the CD's or read through the book yet but Showbiz sounds great on vinyl. It's not a good basis for me to speak to the remastering because I've only ever heard the album digitally before. I can say that the sound is nice and clean. Some really hearty bass rumbles through the verses of Cave. Definitely more listenable than my old Showbiz CD. Falling Down sounded especially warm, full and bluesy. I kinda wish Muse had more songs in their catalogue with this feel. It looks real pretty on the turntable as well.
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    They’ve worked on it a fair while tbf and it’s not really like them to rush out some half-arsed release just for cash. I’d expect it all to be good quality stuff. Curious about the Origin remaster. My favourite album of all time and one I’ve listened to the songs of literally 1000s of times for 10 years...can’t imagine it sounding different. Showbiz is different ‘cos it’s something I’ve actively really wanted. Doesn’t seem to mention if the b-sides are remastered, or is that just me? Would be a shame.
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    It was so damn cool. Well done French musers 💖
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    I'm so happy about Paris being in 4 weeks 😻 I'm a late fan so I'll be seeing them for the first time! I can't wait!
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    I was the one hand in ten thousand! I was on GA barrier and Matt threw his remaining plectrums out at the end from the B stage, and one hit me square in the palm of the hand; it fell on the floor and no one could reach because of the barrier so I screamed "THAT is MINE!!" at the security guard and he picked it up and gave it me back
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    For anyone who hasn’t received a code email uk-customerserviceteam@wmgcustomerservice.com now and they’ll send you a code straight away I’ve just done it and got a code and got tickets within 5 minutes good luck
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    Found it, and yes, it went straight through! Tickets bought. HUGE thanks to sakurachu who suggested emailing customer services, and charlotte16492 for pointing me to the right link. I'd have been utterly lost without your help. My daughters are going to explode when I get home tonight and give them the good news that they're going. We'll be eating beans on toast for several weeks to pay for it, but every bean will be worth it! THANK YOU!!!!! 🙂
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    There's no doubt something has gone wrong Annie as it's the same chaos as for the stadium gigs pre-sales. You would have thought it would have been sorted by now but obviously not. Just makes you feel cheated when promises are made, you follow the instructions in good faith but still don't get a code. It's obviously not the band's fault, they're probably not even aware there's a problem, but someone, somewhere is responsible and should be accountable for the stress, anxiety and upset being caused.
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    I try to see them on every tour and have done since the start... This was my first time seeing them with my son who has become a massive fan of theirs so I was feeling a bit old when he was asking if I remember when their first album came out as if it was 60 years ago and not "just" 20. We were standing and given his age we didn't go right down the front, but were off to the right of the B stage. The sound mix was really good to us although occasionally Matt's vocals seemed to drop off. But for the vast majority of the time it was clear and crisp. I quite liked The Etihad, had a bit of a bowl feeling about it and wasn't as cavernous feeling as some other stadiums I've been in. I know they'd said they couldn't go "bigger" with the stage setting and I loved what they did this time with the stage and the whole show as a spectacle - having the themes from Simulation Theory running through the whole thing was great and worked so well. Personally, I liked hearing so much of the new album and the songs sit alongside their older stuff really well. I don't find it jarring like you do with some bands who mix old and new stuff. The main thing is their new stuff is really good, so they're way off being one of those heritage bands just touring a greatest hits setlist. There's time for that in another 20 years time! I feel really lucky to see shows like that as that's what they are - shows. Not just gigs. There's some great bands out there who put on a great gig with very little theatre around it which is fine, but its a very different sort of experience. Its not necessarily better, its just different. Few bands have the money, luxury and imagination to put on a great show like Muse do in a place of that size. Anyway, main thing was my son absolutely loved it. Every time I looked over he was grinning from ear to ear. They played all his favourite tracks, including Uprising, which I remember him bopping along to in his child seat in the back of the car - now that made me feel old!
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    Not about Muse, but .. the few ppl who are trying to keep the forum alive should get an award or a mention .... 😇
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    I’d p much agree with that. General concensus from what I’ve seen seems to be that set length is great, song choice needs more rotation/freshening up and the production is either v impressive or way too much.
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    Review: Muse might just have delivered the best show of 2019 Brit band Muse delivers a stunning show, even by its own high standards https://www.mercurynews.com/2019/03/10/review-muse-might-just-have-delivered-the-best-show-of-2019/ Muse Proves That Resistance is Futile at The Forum https://ocweekly.com/muse-proves-that-resistance-is-futile-at-the-forum/ Concert Review: Muse Embraces ’80s-Retro-Futurism, and Fun, at Forum Show https://variety.com/2019/music/news/muse-forum-live-concert-review-1203162118/
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    Yeah, unfortunately they’ve backed themselves into a situation they really can’t win with now. Change it either way and you’re fucking off one side, now the GA fans are pissed again (understandably). Hopefully the hassle will indeed persuade them to avoid it in future. Think this coulda worked out perfectly if they’d just addressed it online when (assuming this is true) the decision was made. I get that they’ve always stayed quiet publically when it comes to any remote controversies but something as simple as “Look, we’ve heard complaints from hardcore fans about the early access and we understand so we’re gonna scrap it. Anyone who bought VIP solely for the early access can swap to a normal GA ticket and have the price difference refunded.” would’ve settled it fine.
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    Well in SD, it sounds like VIP got in early, so I guess problem solved? Now we're back to wondering if normal GA will have any barrier space left!! Pretty skilled of Muse to create a situation where there will be an angry mob of people no matter what you do. 😅 And they could have avoided it all, but *shrug*
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    “Well, I think underneath that rigidness is often a buried compliment, in that some people fall in love so much with a certain song or certain album that you did that they don’t really like the idea of your changing in any way. If anything, it’s just symbolic of a moment in time where they really connected with your music. And I mean, you can’t expect somebody to absorb all eight albums that we’ve done in the same way and to love them all equally. Everybody’s going to like certain things more than others... And just take from it what you want. Take what you love from what we do, and you don’t have to listen to anything else that you don’t want to.” And hopefully, maybe one or two of these songs we’re adding to that big body of work might end up becoming loved as well.” 💕 Exactly.
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    The strangest thing about all this is that they are failing to provide a service that people have paid hundreds of dollars for but wouldn't cost the venue, band or event company a dime to actually fulfill.
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    Why can the top-tier VIPs get in earlier than the second-tier ones? Isn't this a two-class-VIP thing? I paid more than you, i get in earlier! This is crazy! 5 min aren't enough, why not 15 min or 20?
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    I love love LOVE the shows, that's all I'm going to say. SOOOO much better than the Drones tour. Love the long setlist but as usual, the choices are somewhat baffling. Have to disagree with the above poster, Propaganda is fucking awesome and I would cry if they dropped it. And this coming from someone who only got the view of Matt's back during it because I was not at the b-stage. The screen visuals are great, the dancers are cool. I think if you didn't like it on the album, then you won't like it here...it's just not for everyone, but the notes it aims for, it hits. It's a sexy song and some people just aren't interested in that. IMO OF COURSE 😁
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    A long time ago I mentioned finding this old footage of Micro Cuts from a tiny US venue on Vimeo or something and then losing it. Maybe no one remembers me mentioning it, well now you know. Anyways, it seems someone mirrored it last year. Bless them. It's excellent. Micro Cuts + Slowed Ending + Psycho riff. And such an intimate setting.
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    🤩😎 https://www.instagram.com/p/COBjSGLhFzP/?igshid=ypwzv95t08t
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    Thought i'd try to start a thread for some general gig chatter for memories, experiences and photos but wanted to start it off with this... if you could have one uncut, pro sound recording of a full Muse show which one would it be and why? Also, off of the back of this can we start a petition for muse to release the audio of each of their shows like Metallica have been doing for years.
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    2019 Ticketmaster Touring Milestone Award Winners P!NK, The Beautiful Trauma Tour Ed Sheeran, The ÷ Tour BTS, BTS World Tour Love Yourself: Speak Yourself Bon Jovi, This House Is Not For Sale Tour Fleetwood Mac, An Evening With Fleetwood Mac Jonas Brothers, Happiness Begins Tour Justin Timberlake, The Man Of The Woods Tour Muse, The Simulation Theory World Tour Shawn Mendes, Shawn Mendes: The Tour Ariana Grande, Sweetener World Tour Panic! At The Disco, Pray For The Wicked Tour https://blog.ticketmaster.com/ticketmaster-touring-milestone-award-winners-2019/ Live Music Industry - 2019 vs 2020 “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, it was the season of light, it was the season of darkness, it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair.” - Charles Dickens 'Tale of Two Cities' ''Panic on the brain, world has gone insane..." "Would you be my little quarantine?..." “Just need you to tell me we’re all right, tell me we’re okay..." - Tyler Joseph 'Level of Concern'
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    Final MUSE Stats Updates for 2019 before I take my leave of absence: Decade 2010s World Tours (TR; T2L; DR; and ST) From September 2009 thru October 2019 Total Estimated Concert Tickets Sold: 6.2 Million Total Estimated Gross: $480 Million [Concert Ticket Sales + Festival Headliner Artist Fees + U2 Support Fees in the USA and South America] Simulation Theory World Tour 2019 Box Office Break-down [Excluding two festival dates in Belgium and Brazil and two Formula One Grand Prix shows in Singapore and Austin, TX] Total Attendance: 1.315 Million (966K Europe; 292K North America; and 57K South America) Total Gross: $102.4 Million ($79.1M Europe; $19.6M North America; and $3.7M South America) Average Ticket Price: $78 Total Shows: 55 Total Cities: 50 Total Countries: 24 Final Simulation Theory Tour Venue Box Office Reports: Passeio Maritimo de Alges/Lisboa - 24 July 48,319 Attendance $3,420,621 Gross Ticket Sales Papp Lazslo Sports Arena/Budapest - 28 May 13,516 Attendance $1,083,160 Gross Capital One Arena/Washington DC - 2 April 11,271 Attendance $868,582 Gross Source: Touring Data Simulation Theory - Year End Album Chart Positions in Selected Markets Switzerland (#16 in 2018; #88 in 2019) - Schweizer Hitparade Belgium Wallonia (#21 in 2018; #64 in 2019) - Ultratop United States (#46 in 2019) - Billboard Top Current Albums [Over 130,000 pure album sales from November 2018 thru November 2019 per Nielsen Music] France (#50 in 2018; #118 in 2019) - SNEP [Platinum Certified - Over 130,000 sales and streams] Netherlands (#67 in 2018) - Dutch Megacharts Italy (#72 in 2018) - FIMI [Gold Certified - Over 25,000 sales and streams] Belgium Flanders (#73 in 2018; #197 in 2019 - Ultratop United Kingdom (#77 in 2018) - Official Charts Company [Gold Certified - Over 100,000 sales and streams] 2019 Year End Billboard Rock Genre Chart Positions in the USA Simulation Theory #30 Alternative Albums #52 Top Rock Albums 'Pressure' #25 Rock Airplay Songs #27 Alternative Songs #43 Hot Rock Songs Latest Singles Certifications: 'Feeling Good' - UK Gold 'Uprising' - UK Platinum 'Starlight' - Italy Platinum 'Psycho' - UK Silver
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    Would also like to confirm that the alt. Recess is in fact pretty much that heavier live version, just has some piano in it as well. Dunno why some people described it as mellow. Yeah IK, Shine Acoustic’s in the Origin Demos and it’s nice but the final version had so much potential for a lovely remaster 💔 Kettle Lead’s the better of the two imo, most similar to Forameus. Chris has some good backing yells on it, particularly the last scream. Turns out I was actually listening to the MM EP version lmao. The old bootleg download I’d had for a decade must’ve just had the album version instead. Showbiz has some noticeable new (or at least I don’t think I’d noticed them before) panning backing vox during the ‘rhythms of greed’ verses that are pretty fing cool though. Host, too, in the first verse. I think he kinda combined his definition of ‘hook’ with ‘heavy’. The examples he gives to compare are New Born, PIB and the Hysteria bassline. There isn’t really anything like those on the album I guess, and they feel it’s a big part of their identity (and they’re not wrong tbf). That’s why they started to throw stuff like the Pre-Sunburn, Ashamed, Minimum etc riffs into gigs and b-sides ended up having more of that. Though that’s one of the biggest reasons I actually love Showbiz so much, for being the only album to do that really. I feel like I’m potentially spoiling it for people who don’t have it yet though so I’ll try to stop, am just excited.
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    Customer services just came through with my code and tickets purchased!
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    There are some really good videos on youtube, bits on Instagram .. here his voice is superb, at least for me 😊
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    Yeh loads Honestly there’s only 2 songs that don’t get me up for it, and even one of them I’m occasionally be in the mood for. Literally everything else is bangin
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    Wat raar dat je van diezelfde mathew geen code kreeg want ik kreeg m wel. Misschien omdat ik een dag eerder gemaild had en een voor de zekerheid zelfs een screenshot haha. Maar kan ook dat er misschien ineens heel veel mails binnenkwamen die niet te controleren waren. Zodat opkopers geen kans maken op een code. Wel balen dat jij er de dupe van bent maar wel heel lief van @Meisver !
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    If you have not bought the maximum number of tickets you possibly could help others by posting your code here
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    Surprise new album release available now on iTunes. Muse - Pythagoras Theorem 1. Euclidean 2. Trigonometry 3. Intro (Pythagoras Theorem) 4. Pythagoras Theorem 5. Taniyama's Problems 6. Millenium Prize 7. Hilbert's Analysis 8. Square Root of Evil 9. Navier-Stokes 10. Smooth Four-Dimensional Poincare Conjecture
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    If you don‘t like the new songs, then listen to the ones you like or love. Why should you stop listening to them? I personally like the new album, but prefer Drones. I like various kinds of music so it’s no problem for me that their latest records are different to the earlier ones. I don‘t like everything they are putting out, but especially their variety in music is a big reason why I love the band, plus they are great live
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    Come on ‘guests’, share your opinion with us. 😎
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    One more concert in here's thoughts just coming back. Don't count this as an overall review it's just additional comments (cause I really enjoyed it but will say some negative things here). The stage is still really impressive and looks so from afar, as this time I was seated. It feels like everything has some sort of neon light. Even during The Dark Side there's a little violet light shining on the feet of Matt and Chris and it gives them this glow. Matt also turns to face the stage during Close Encounters and with the top lights moving it really sells it more like a remake of the film's interaction. It's cool. All these little details are cool. Dig Down gospel version is really nice. It acts as a wonderful breather from all the antics. The whole interactions with the b-stage often put Matt far in front of the rest of the band, making the other two feel like backing musicians. This was a complaint for me back when they toured with 30 Seconds to Mars. I saw 30stm in 2009 and they were a typical rock band, playing their theatrical music from This Is War. In 2017 it was like seeing a Leto show and it got tiring. I don't wanna see Muse go down that road (or further down you could say) especially since one of the biggest appeals is just how tight they are as a band. Certainly one of the best I've seen in person. You don't get that chemistry when they're not together. And it really hit me, thinking about it, how much the songs feel unchanged. Time Is Running Out has to have the above-the-nut screech right after "you never dreamed of" in the second verse. It also starts with some noodling on the Am. Starlight starts with "put your hands in the air!". Plug In Baby has the Freddie Mercury crowd chant but with a fuzz factory. Man With a Harmonica + Knights of Cydonia + Dom's drum solo. Matt and Chris stand together for Interlude before Chris takes center to start the riff for Hysteria. These aren't just things I remember from San Diego on Tuesday, but from concerts six years ago. Surely they must either be feeling tired of the redundancy or they're just on autopilot for this songs. Either way I'm not a fan of the result and it would be nice to see them loosen up more for the old staples if they are gonna keep them around.
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    As I said to my mates the other day, I have been in my current tiny band for nearly 2 years, and in that time we've ditched 8 songs that we worked really hard on. We spent money practicing them and recording demos. People told us they liked them, one dude even requests one of them lol, but we can't play them now. We're just not into them. You can't yell at a band to play album tracks from 20 years ago. There are probably thousands of Muse songs that we'd all absolutely adore that will never see the light of day. Nobody can claim ownership of art like that. Literally, all we can do is take it (or leave it) for what it is.
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    I actually love this big lad so much, hope he knows the smiles he brings
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    The cookie has now been extended to one week. So now it'll be a weekly login instead of daily.
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    The reason you won't find anything clean cut is because what Matt uses changes constantly and you can be very sure that he doesn't use the same stuff live as in the studio. The Marshall is a good starting point. In generally, he doesn't actually use a lot of gain on his amp sound. This is so he can maintain clarity while playing chords. Keep your low end pretty tight (You can do this through a combination of reducing the Bass EQ on the amp, using an overdrive pedal (which I'll get to in a bit), and having a clean pick attack). He also has a very mid-range heavy sound. Again, dialling in some more mids alongside an overdrive will do this. In terms of Treble and Presence, try to add some nice high-end detail to the sound, but not too much as to make it sound harsh. I wish I could be more precise than that, but I don't know how your speakers, pickups, strings etc. are influencing the sound, so I can only be vague. In terms of pedals, as mentioned, an overdrive will help add that bit more gain to the amp sound. Preferably running either your Blues Driver or the '59 Sound with minimal gain and maximum level (I've never ran either of those pedals into a Marshall DSL, so I don't know which one will work best. But have fun trying it!). You're basically looking to make the signal hitting the amp louder with a touch of distortion and with a more focused sound. Whichever one doesn't do this job best, experiment with using it as a distortion pedal for heavier moments. Beyond that, it's honestly up to what sounds right to you. What I've laid out there will get you a solid rock guitar tone, which is really all Matt is using. There isn't really any particularly unique aspects about his base tone. It's designed to have the notes ring out clearly, get out of the way of the bass and have a touch of aggression. I hope any of this is useful. If not, well ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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