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    GUYS that interview has something way more important than the ST film HE NAMEDROPPED >>>>INVINCIBLE<<<< He does remember 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 It’s coming back
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    That's cool! I know he was a big influence on Matt back in the day. I'm not sure Matt can ever get out of that guitar what Buckley could though. Buckley had soul, and no matter how many times Matt uses the word 'soul' in his lyrics, that's something Muse just never had.
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    First: Yes, you are. Then: Do Absolution first. Yeah, but I assume he might think of an OOM Gig - and that would be freaking awesome as well. Maybe just do a show with songs til OoS, mainly containing B-Sides and rarely played Showbiz stuff.
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    News, nEWS, NEWSS (and I know it isn’t strictly about the album but fuck it) 1 - no outright solo record or plans for Matt, but may do more stripped back, ethereal/dreamy stuff (doesn’t like ‘inflicting’ that on Dom/Chris which I kinda suspected tbf). Yes purlease 1.5 - talks about wanting to go back to their roots (again) for LP9, ‘totally resetting’ and ‘going back to square one’, even suggests moving back to Teignmouth. Potentially very exciting if he means something closer to Showbiz and pre-Showbiz rather than Drones 2 - unsure about live shows in 2021 but, if things seem back to normal, they’d be open to doing a show celebrating either OOM or just Origin (just Origin would be weird when they’ve already done that imo, but FUCK for the former) 3 - the Global Citizen gig was supposed to be in Berlin BUT....BUTBUTBUT 4 - this FUCKER has once again hinted at that secret ‘something at the Albert Hall’ by saying it’s something he’s not supposed to talk about. WHAT IS ITTTTTTT. Worth pointing out that he says both shows will still happen if they’re reorganised for next year, but that would seem to suggest that this Albert Hall show isn’t entirely in their hands?
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    huh? No it hasn't. It literally says "Joined Mar 4, 2020" on the channel. The Topic channel that Pray is on is an auto-generated thing by Youtube.
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    The chords are lovely. It kinda reminds me of Soaked. It's got that feel to it from that era.
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    The forum was breaking when I tried to log in so here I am. I'm going to wait until the proper premiere. It's not long now anyways. I already imagine it's something kinda thrown together but that's ok everyone's doing it nowadays.
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    UPDATED MUSE STREAMING NUMBERS AS OF 19 MAY 2020 1,925,000,000+ on YOUTUBE 3,200,000,000+ on SPOTIFY for 129 different tracks [Includes 2 million-plus streams for 'Pray (High Valyrian)' composed by Matt Bellamy for Game of Thrones] $20-25 Million - Estimated total royalty revenue earned for all rights-holders [record label/publisher/songwriter/performing artist) from the above 5.1 billion streams assuming a weighted average payout range of $0.0060 to $0.0084 per stream received from SPOTIFY and a lower average rate of $0.00164 per stream received from YOUTUBE. Total plays on other streaming platforms [Deezer, Apple Music, Amazon, and Google Play] would add to this total. Most listened to/play-listed tracks on SPOTIFY (Over 50 Million Streams): 300,000,000+ 'Uprising' [Also #1 on YOUTUBE with 191,000,000+ views for the official music video] 193,000,000 'Madness' 190,000,000 'Supermassive Black Hole' 182,000,000 'Starlight' 133,000.000 'Psycho' 112,000,000 'Knights of Cydonia' 105,000,000 'Undisclosed Desires' 104,000,000 'Time Is Running Out' 98,000,000 'Hysteria' 75,000,000 'Feeling Good' 66,000,000 'Plug In Baby' 63,000,000 'Resistance' 58,000,000 'Mercy' 57,000,000 'Dead Inside' 54,000,000 'Pressure' 53,000,000 'Panic Station' Most listened to album bonus tracks: 13,300,000 'Glorious' (#54) 7,900,000 'Fury'(#80) 6,400,000 'Futurism' 2,900,000 'Spiral Static' Most listened to B-sides 4,800,000 'Eternally Missed' (#94) 3,900,000 'Map Of Your Head' 3,600,000 'Dead Star' 3,100,000 'Shrinking Universe' 2,500,000 'Hyper Chondriac Music' 2,500,000 'Yes Please' 2,500,000 'Recess' Most listened to cover songs: 75,000,000 'Feeling Good' 11,000,000 'Can't Take My Eyes Off You' 7,700,000 'Hungry Like The Wolf' 820,000 'Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want' Least listened to album track: 2,900,000 'Overdue' Least listened to B-sides: 268,000 'Execution Commentary' (#128) 198,000 'Jimmy Kane' (#129) Personal favourite songs SPOTIFY play counts and rankings: 38,500,000 'Reapers' (#20) 36,000,000 'New Born' (#21) 32,600,000 'Stockholm Syndrome' (#23) 31,800,000 'Map Of The Problematique' (#24) 30,900,000 'Unintended' (#25) 30,600,000 'The Dark Side' (#26) 28,900,000 'Bliss' (#29) 26,000,000 'Sunburn' (#31) 23,800,000 'Butterflies & Hurricanes' (#32) 20,500,000 'Muscle Museum' (#36) 20,400,000 'United States of Eurasia + Collateral Damage' (#37) 18,900,000 'Invincible' (#42) 18,500,000 'Sing for Absolution' (#43) 14,900,000 'Algorithm' (#46) 14,300,000 'Endlessly' (#50) 13,500,000 'Take A Bow' (#52) 12,200,000 'Exogenesis: Symphony Pt. 3 Redemption (#58) 12,000,000 'Citizen Erased' (#60) 11,900,000 'Apocalypse Please' (#61) 7,600,000 'Showbiz' (#82) 6,800,000 'Ruled by Secrecy' (#86) 400,000 'Piano Thing' (#118) Break-down of streaming numbers for all tracks and B-sides by studio album: 625,000,000 Black Holes and Revelations (19.6%) 600,000,000 The Resistance (18.9%) 461,000,000 The 2nd Law (14.5%) 386,000,000 Drones (12.1%) 372,000,000 Absolution (11.8%) 306,000,000 Origin of Symmetry (9.6%) 277,000,000 Simulation Theory (8.7%) 136,000,000 Showbiz (4.3%) 15,500,000 'Neutron Star Collision' (0.5%)
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    woah I was not expecting that! Yes, please let Matt score a film, that would be epic! And not some stereotypical romance, only the grandest and most outrageous with moments of sincerely touching heartache could be worth Matt's time. lol Love any time Matt does symphonic work, it always sounds great!
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    Guess the war’s back on after all these years
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    Hi, my first post here... Let me show you my Chris’s OoS tour replica... havent finish it yet, I will change OC3 for an OC2, and I ‘ll find a bigger box for the parallel splitter/mixer... Lots of fun against COVID-19 My pedalboard vs Chris’s OoS tour pedalboard:
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    I'm optimistic that this whole pandemic is going to at least give Matt a new angle for his next song about the end of the world. He's done nukes, climate change, war, aliens, revelations, virtual reality, and of course drones. Certainly pandemic was on the to-do list already. Now he has no excuse!
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    Okay song leaked. That was...underwhelming. Even with pretty mild expectations.
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