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    “People endlessly buying crap they don’t need”... Anyway. Here’s cryptokitties Top comment on reddit.
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    +1 to all of that. All style, no substance any more. The mix is atrocious too, why is the volume so inconsistent? It sounds like every time the bass comes in, the volume of every other instrument kicks up a notch too, with the bass disappearing. The cymbals are almost unlistenably trebly too. I barely got to the end of Psycho before I had a headache from the cymbal crashes. You can barely hear Matt's guitar in Break It To Me either. Muse used to be exciting with minimal bells and whistles. Now they've got every bell and whistle they want, yet the shows are duller than they've ever been. I, for one, am delighted the dire Simulation Theory era is over. The boxset absolutely takes the piss too. Burn it all down. Start again.
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    Glad I spent £4:50 renting this rather than spending £100+ on tickets and travel . Simulation Theory pretty much stands as an indictment on Muse's stadium tours. It just seems like more effort went into Matt's jacket design than the music itself. So many songs are now just Matt walking around stage pretending to be a popstar. Matt does really have zero stage presence when his guitar is removed. Watching Matt slap hands with the front row while being minded by his handler is just next level cringe you'd expect from your one directions of the world. The visuals here are just boring as well. When Matt finally does something cool with his guitar, the camera is more interested in the stage extras doing distracting coordinated dance moves. Also Murph looked so inanimate in this movie, I've seen a few YouTube clips where we seemed to move with more fluidity. Not sure why this is letterboxed either, a Muse show is something where you want to use the whole screen. This probably should have been 60 FPS to give a bit more motion. And I really hope they didn't spend too much money on cgi Matt Bellamy pretending to be Harry Potter taking on Murph because that looked fake and cringe as shit. And somehow they want people to fork out £120 for a package with extra tat. I can't help but think of Muse as business people rather than musicians. One enjoyable part was he video for the Void because there was no visuals, no dancers and no fucking backing tracks.
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    - SPOILERS IN GENERAL - Finally watched it. It was actually a pretty enjoyable little cheesy movie. I enjoyed the rather ridiculous narrative to complement the actual snippets of narrative that I saw on the stage. The editing, as far as the band shots were concerned, were fine. I didn't like the slow motion but for the most part it was straightfoward edits which is welcome after Rome's constant showing-off for a non-existent 4k release and Drones' need to make artificial shakes on every kick drum. It helps the stage design was just beautiful and a little color correcting makes the stage pop even more. Makes me regret even more we never got a film for the Resistance stadium tour. How might it have looked with the same filming... The narrative intercuts during the songs were a hit or miss for me. Personally, I would have liked to just have seen the band play but I also knew this wasn't just a concert recording and was also finishing up their whole Simulation Theory narrative. When it was present but not too intrusive it was fine, like during Thought Contagion. Some other times I could have done with less of it. Maybe the biggest offender was during Supermassive Black Hole where there's a long panning shot of a CGI arcade machine with the actual footage you want to see in the display window, reduced to only 5% of the screen. But anyways, the benefit of them playing (almost) the same show everywhere is that I can always go to the Rock in Rio or Argentina show recordings if I want no narrative. I wish they didn't chop up the metal medley since it's a collection of chopped up songs already. It is mostly on digital release so I don't think a bit of extra time wouldn't hurt (same with Knights). The whole final showdown against Murph was good fun though. The whole conflict also created a wonderfully unintentionally comic moment after Take A Bow where the narrator asks something like "who will the challenger be" and it's Matt standing awkwardly in his light up suit. Like I was half hoping she'd say "nah, can't be this guy".
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    'Bridge Over Troubled Water' Cover Version by Matt Bellamy Song originally composed by Paul Simon in G Major on the guitar and later transposed to E-Flat Major in a gospel piano version sung by Art Garfunkel reached #1 on the pop charts in the UK, US, France, Canada and New Zealand in 1970 and the top five in eight other countries including Australia, Germany and Spain and won the Grammy Award for Record of the Year and Song of the Year in 1971. Song inspired by JS Bach according to Simon 75,000+ global views on YouTube for the Official Audio Version in the first three days of release with a 99% like rating and 25,000+ streams on Spotify Peak Chart Positions Apple iTunes Top Songs - All Genres #68 Indonesia #70 United Kingdom (#5 Alternative) #85 France (#3 Alternative) #96 Denmark #108 Netherlands #113 Italy (#7 Alternative) #136 Austria #164 Spain #185 Australia #186 Switzerland #197 Belgium #236 Mexico #785 United States (#84 Alternative)
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    https://open.spotify.com/track/4apfnb6UxfoqQNc9hzsMay?si=MVC_fTVWSqWg_ftezTD_KQ Ok.... Matt‘s been reading the board??? 🤪😂👍
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    You’re welcome! Glad you like it and glad it works! 😄
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    Yes!!!! thank you, you‘re the best! 🤗😍 I don‘t care if it‘s basic or not, but this version is a lot more positive! I know, the dark one suits the last two albums .. thanks again!
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    Nevermind Jessica, great to see you back!
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    I've added a light theme. Try it now. Scroll down to the very bottom of the page and select "Theme." I'll need to add some logos to it-- it's super basic. 😅
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    Simulation Theory #151(-41) France Top Albums Physiques (SNEP) dated 4 September 2020 - 77 weeks in the Top 200 since November 2018 release 'Behold, The Glove [SST Interstitial 2]' 100K global streams as of 1 September 2020 (80K YouTube + 20K Spotify) Apple iTunes Top 200 Songs Chart Entries: United Kingdom, France, Belgium, Ireland, and Mexico Influences/Inspirations: Jarre/ Moroder / Morricone / Vangelis 'The Dark Side' Example of Modal Interchange (Borrowed Chord) Fusing Natural Minor, Harmonic Minor and Melodic Minor Scales - Original Key E minor E → F♯ → G → A → B → C/C♯ → D/D♯ https://player.fm/series/hack-music-theory/the-9-note-minor-scale-music-theory-from-muse-the-dark-side Peak Chart Positions #74 Switzerland #115 France
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    Funny how when you're young spending your entire life savings on something like that makes more sense than spending just a fraction of your income on it when you're older.
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    I really enjoyed it, especially the way they’ve tied the whole narrative together and it makes “sense” having seen the live show a few times. I guess with the quality of cameras out there the band have tried to do something different as there’s so much fan footage available on Youtube now. I get that the box sets also tie-in with the whole theme of the tour and the 80s vibe, but seems like its pretty expensive for what it is. Maybe i’m just getting old though 😃
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    I really enjoyed the ST movie immensely, which I bought on Amazon Prime... it was done ever so well. I do hope that this will see a non-retro, non super deluxe release though ... the cassette tape and vinyl “content” is interesting but both these formats are pretty useless in our household, so the box set would just be a bulky and expensive toy really. Fingers crossed for a CD or MP3 release of the soundtrack etc etc
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    Apple iTunes Store Top Films - All Genres (Peak chart rankings by country during 21-23 August 2020) Simulation Theory (Live) - MUSE #1 Portugal #2 Italy #2 Indonesia #2 Malaysia #3 Mexico #3 The Netherlands #3 Hungary #3 Peru #4 Belgium #5 France #5 Greece #5 Poland #5 Slovakia #7 United Kingdom #7 Chile #8 Spain #8 Colombia #8 Israel #10 Argentina #12 Czechia #28 Austria #35 Germany #39 Switzerland #39 Finland #41 Japan #56 Canada #56 Ireland #87 South Africa #96 Denmark #103 Slovenia #104 United States #126 Norway #141 Australia #154 Hong Kong #182 Singapore #186 New Zealand It is also the top concert film downloaded in the above markets and worldwide this weekend.
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    I just realised this week that it has been almost a year since I was in London at the O2. I do miss planning to go to Muse gigs since then... Hopefully that will be possible in the next future.
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    Couldn't get to a screening, so this is educated guesswork, but there's an obvious explanation for that: The film has been shot at 25 frames per second, and has (deliberately or accidentally) been run at standard 24fps film frame rate. The same issue works the other way round when films are speeded up from 24 to 25fps when shown on British broadcast TV - the pitch is raised a semitone unless it's corrected digitally. Modern cinemas tend not to have experienced projection staff the way they did back in the days of celluloid, and it could also be that some projectors simply aren't capable of showing 25fps material. The screening of the T2L Rome gig we went to had to be restarted after the first five or six minutes had the wrong aspect ratio and masking settings, so nothing would surprise me nowadays. Nice to hear a positive review, looking forward to watching it. Oh edited to add - those of you who've seen it, is The Void in it? Feel free to reply with spoiler tags if you feel the need!
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    Happy 20th Anniversary for one of my Top Five favourite MUSE tracks! Merci to @MuseFrance for the reminder. 'Bliss' made its debut live performance 20 years ago today on 18 August 2000 at the Bizarre Music Festival in Weeze, a small German town northwest of Düsseldorf. Coldplay was also on the same bill earlier that day. Nineteen years later MUSE performed in front of 65,000 fans at Goffertpark in Nijmegen located about 40 km from Weeze across the border with the Netherlands and the river Maas (French: Meuse). Peak chart positions in 2001: #22 UK; #40 Netherlands; and #87 France Number of career live performances: 527 which is the 11th most played song in the band's discography during their worldwide tours First performance in the USA: Bowery Ballroom, NYC in April 2004 after the earlier show at the Cotton Club in Atlanta GA was shortened due to Matt cutting his upper lip on the neck of his guitar during CE Official music video: 35 million views on YouTube which is the 14th most streamed MUSE video on that platform Best live performances: Reading Festival (2011) and Mayan Theatre, Los Angeles (2015) I was fortunate to finally see the band perform it live at the London Stadium Simulation Theory tour gig a year ago on 1 June Video of the first performance:
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