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    MUSE have performed several times in Roman venues dating from antiquity: Ancient Theater of Fourvière, Lyon, France (15 BC) Arena di Verona, Italy (30 AD) Arena of Nîmes, France (70 AD) Ancient Theater of Vienne, France (1st century AD) Amphitheater of Avenches, Switzerland (130 AD) Source: MuseFrance With the two festival dates in Austria and France featuring MUSE as headliners being cancelled this summer, I am going on hiatus until the next single is released by the band which is expected later this year or early in 2022. Thanks for reading my posts over the years.
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    Eurockéennes : « On nous contraint à l’annulation » https://www.estrepublicain.fr/culture-loisirs/2021/04/01/eurockeennes-on-nous-contraint-a-l-annulation Not a surprise it was cancelled again this year but a shame nevertheless for the fans. MUSE and Coldplay both played this festival on 7 July 2000. Quotes from Matt at the close of this gig after playing Unintended: "Thanks very much this is our last song. This is off our... make sure to check out a band called Coldplay. I think they're playing later over at a tent, good band. This is uh, it's our last song isn't it? Alright this song is called Showbiz. Thank you very much. Have a good night. See you soon."
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