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  1. Eurockéennes : « On nous contraint à l’annulation » https://www.estrepublicain.fr/culture-loisirs/2021/04/01/eurockeennes-on-nous-contraint-a-l-annulation Not a surprise it was cancelled again this year but a shame nevertheless for the fans. MUSE and Coldplay both played this festival on 7 July 2000. Quotes from Matt at the close of this gig after playing Unintended: "Thanks very much this is our last song. This is off our... make sure to check out a band called Coldplay. I think they're playing later over at a tent, good band. This is uh, it's our last song isn't it? Alright this song is called Showbiz. Thank you very much. Have a good night. See you soon."
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