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    Honestly I was never a big fan of Unintended to begin with. I like the instrumentation here, but Matt's soft voice is very hit and miss these days. The cover of We'll Meet Again that he uploaded works so, so well and I'm very excited for a full cover. This however? Probably won't really listen to it again, much like Tomorrow's World.
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    Im not sure if its just me but it sounds like the vocals are a bit too loud or something, overall i like it, the piano instrumental is stunning. Could do without the annunciation of the 'Oohs' at the end but yeah, overall not bad!
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    Yeah tbh I prefer the instrumental version. Matt's young voice on Showbiz is better suited to the song imo. But still cool to hear a piano version. Hopefully we'll get some more of these stripped-down covers.
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    It's harder to belt in your living room. Can't wake up the baby.
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    Apple iTunes Global Top Song Downloads Peak Chart Positions Day of Release 'Unintended [Acoustic Version]' - Matt Bellamy #25 Finland (#1 Alternative) #34 United Kingdom (#2 Alternative) #41 Austria #57 Belgium #61 Ireland #70 France (#2 Alternative) #76 Indonesia #147 Italy #154 Turkey #208 Mexico #216 Switzerland (#22 Alternative) #280 Germany (#21 Alternative) #312 Russia (#24 Alternative) #316 Australia #350 Netherlands #442 Canada (#50 Alternative) #761 United States (#56 Alternative)
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    I really didn't like how harshly he emphasised those ooos either 😂
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    Maybe my least favourite vocals I’ve heard Matt record tbh 😕 The falsetto in particular is really weak, like his voice just isn’t able to go up there reliably without putting power into it.
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    It‘s already on Spotify !!! https://open.spotify.com/album/4h1Etv3O9PHFBwpiZJ8L5b?si=_shNp_qZRa-D5bF477XUZA
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    The BBFC agree for 07/08/2020: https://www.bbfc.co.uk/releases/muse-simulation-theory-video
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