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    As it will be very hot in Cologne on Saturday I asked the organizer if it's allowed to bring any drinks. So good news: It's allowed to bring 0,5 l water in a tetra pak carton.
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    I said I've been a member since 2006. Why would I be unsure of that? I have nearly 300 posts going (albeit from years ago). The sarcasm is unnecessary - especially given how annoying this issue has been for veteran members. I don't know (or remember) who the mods are or how to contact them because I don't normally give a toss or have any need to contact them. Thank you for the replies and for the above info, though. I got my old profile back so it's resolved thanks to your input. Creating a "new" account with my old account info worked
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    Andy burrows war SĂ€nger von razorlight und macht belangloses singer Songwriter gewĂ€sch The Amazons sind ganz cool. Nix besonderes, aber anhörbar. Wetter soll ja top werden am Samstag, macht noch n bisschen Werbung im Freundeskreis, vor Ort gibt's sicher tickets fĂŒr den ganz schmalen Taler. Stehplatz Innenraum wechselt ja mittlerweile fĂŒr 20 EUR den Besitzer Setlist wird in Holland sicher gut, muse mögen ja die HollĂ€nder. Hier rechne ich eher mit Undisclosed Desires statt Bliss - wenn ĂŒberhaupt.
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