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  1. I was the one hand in ten thousand! I was on GA barrier and Matt threw his remaining plectrums out at the end from the B stage, and one hit me square in the palm of the hand; it fell on the floor and no one could reach because of the barrier so I screamed "THAT is MINE!!" at the security guard and he picked it up and gave it me back
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  2. I may have been the only person around here that missed out on all the pre-sale fun chat as I was on holiday.... but I got tickets through general sale this morning. One tip if you are still to buy - sorry it's a bit late - axs.com normally have the most tickets for the O2 (per my friend that used to work for the O2) and they also now do mobile tickets which should save you a postage charge.
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  4. Yeah the last time they did Scotland was about 9 years ago . It's difficult. I was in manchester on Saturday and as usual it was awesome. I'd LOVE to go and see them again but the cost of travelling so far all the time just get's to be too prohibitive. They'd fill SECC, Hydro, Murrayfield easily, Let's hope they play somewhere a bit closer to home soon.
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  5. We need Muse live in Kuala Lumpur again!!!
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