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    Surprise new album release available now on iTunes. Muse - Pythagoras Theorem 1. Euclidean 2. Trigonometry 3. Intro (Pythagoras Theorem) 4. Pythagoras Theorem 5. Taniyama's Problems 6. Millenium Prize 7. Hilbert's Analysis 8. Square Root of Evil 9. Navier-Stokes 10. Smooth Four-Dimensional Poincare Conjecture
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    If you don‘t like the new songs, then listen to the ones you like or love. Why should you stop listening to them? I personally like the new album, but prefer Drones. I like various kinds of music so it’s no problem for me that their latest records are different to the earlier ones. I don‘t like everything they are putting out, but especially their variety in music is a big reason why I love the band, plus they are great live
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    "Why can't we see that when we bleed we bleed the same" Exactly my feeling about world's pains...
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