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    Yeah that's where I originally was planning for, but decided to go with the side of the B-stage instead. If I can even get to it.
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    “Well, I think underneath that rigidness is often a buried compliment, in that some people fall in love so much with a certain song or certain album that you did that they don’t really like the idea of your changing in any way. If anything, it’s just symbolic of a moment in time where they really connected with your music. And I mean, you can’t expect somebody to absorb all eight albums that we’ve done in the same way and to love them all equally. Everybody’s going to like certain things more than others... And just take from it what you want. Take what you love from what we do, and you don’t have to listen to anything else that you don’t want to.” And hopefully, maybe one or two of these songs we’re adding to that big body of work might end up becoming loved as well.” 💕 Exactly.
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    Someone said they are 5'4 and could barely see over the b stage to the main stage. I'm 5'0 so I'm sad. I literally went online and bought boots with a 4 inch heel so I could maybe have a chance to see over the stage. ugh.
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