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    Yeah, it’s very normal. Unfortunately there’s no real way of knowing when the tickets will be ready to print, sometimes it’s available straight away and sometimes not until a week or two before the show. Just keep checking every now and again or wait until close to the show when they should be there, if they still don’t pop up the you can always contact Ticketmaster or speak to the box office at the venue. Enjoy the show, that’s an impressive trip 😁
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    wow im even more impressed! Being that far back and getting that good of shots. *high five* What kind of dslr and lens did you use?
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    Those are really beautiful photos! So jealous lol Where did you have to stand to take them?
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    I thought the show was amazing! I loved the theme/storytelling during the show and the set was long and varied enough for my tastes. I tried not to spoil the set lists too much.
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    What was up with the crazy long entry line last night?? My third time seeing them at this venue and it was never that bad! I missed most of Walk the Moon! 😭 I’m so happy to have been able to photograph this show with my DSLR— my first time ever doing so at a concert! 😮 So thankful for the photo pass opportunity. Here are some of my pix:
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    And Which in turn was inspired by
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    So I'm a bit annoyed. I just checked on GA tickets for the Atlanta show and the price has been reduced down to $63 from the original $98 price, which is what I paid. After fees that's a $42 difference. That doesn't really seem fair at all.
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