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    I'm not sure that anyone only got 10 mins with the games. You saying someone only got one round in is the first I'm hearing of that. In Dallas they were let in at 4pm despite the door delay due to soundcheck. I assumed those people got to play games the whole time they were inside. And yeah, I'd be asking for a full refund if that happened to me. That's the thing. A lot of people that don't normally buy VIP bought the 2nd tier because it sounded like it would be the only way to get barrier, especially since the stage would not be 360 like Drones. Ugh thanks for reminding me about those signs at RAH. I thought I put it out of my mind. I still can't get over how many people thought that was an OK thing to do -- at a freaking charity gig.
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    Las Vegas is officially SOLD OUT!!! First sell out of the tour.
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    Yeah, that's kind of obvious to me. However people still give me shit for actually buying it and it simply pisses me off. The more time passes though, the more I accept that was a lesson to be learnt. The hard way. That's precisely what I'm hoping for. My correspondence with CID is fruitless, just as all their social media replies are. It's become obvious that we won't get any refunds and we'll have to stick with ridiculously overpriced poster and fucking lunchbox (actually, today is the day when it actually makes me laugh at myself). It's a shame, it still makes my blood boiling, but I'm getting over it. And the only GOOD thing that can come out of it now, is to try to channel people's anger into sabotaging the idea of VIP in the first place. Made more noise. I kind of see it as a chance for something we never managed to achieve before tickets went on sale. I'd like to make everyone aware what the problem with the premium ticket is - it's obviously not worth the price and people should be discouraged from buying them. If we can't help those who already bought them, lets prevent anyone else to buy any more of them. Also, would be great to make management / band aware of the general (I hope) disagreement with it. I mean, I hope that it will be a chance to unite the fans rather than divide them. Instead of just sitting here and hope it will change next tour, we could maybe try to make our point more visible? I know some people still look at me angrily as I did give in and bought them (fair enough, I kinda look at myself like this as well atm), but let's move on from that, okay? My mistake and I'll deal with it on my own. Lesson learnt, won't ever do VIP for early access again. Instead of judging each other and sharing opposite opinions on this, maybe we could find some common cause in here and execute it...? Yeah, I heard it was 107 exactly. Not sure how true, someone commented about it on one of the million posts on fcb
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    Not sure but I'm very pleased as long as they don't. Sometimes the truth is harsh.
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