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    Haha! Did you have to Google 'Kaoss Pad - no, not that one, the twisty one'? Wait, hang on, does that mean we don't have the old emoticons anymore? Or are they still there? Oh good. Inconsistent sizes but better than nothing, I was lost for a second there, haha! I don't actually remember having any problem with my amp, it was the two pedalboards that took ages and then I got hit with a huge import charge as they were so big and heavy after I'd packed them with books and clothes and stuff. Fun times, haha!
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    Algorithm, BITM and the metal medley already makes it better than the previous Oakland show.
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    Guys, read the thread and the announcement. PM me or Jess and we can sort it out
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    Wow, we're back in town! Nicely on time for the start of the tour In terms of the account I have one question: I tried to log in to the forum with my email address (since it didn't ask for my username) but that didn't really work. So I requested a new password which was sent to my email and now I can login again. However, I already have a separate account for the muse.mu/member section that now also has the same email address as my forum account (this wasn't the case earlier). Are they now automatically linked? Cheers. Edit: Okay I just logged into members section and I see they're automatically linked. That's neat, except that all my info from my original forum account before the upgrade (which was also 'Cyndris') is lost. My current account info says I joined today, and my avatar and info etc. have disappeared. @JessicaSarahS any way to get these back?
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