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    The Simulation Theory Worldwide Tour is the fourth consecutive MUSE tour to sell more than 1 million concert tickets worldwide and generate more than US$80 million in gross ticket sales revenue [Possible additional dates/legs yet to be announced/confirmed for Asia, South America, Australia and Europe/North America] ST Arena and Stadium Tour Estimated Attendance Breakdown by Market so far in 2019: 800k Europe including 200k+ in France, 125k+ each in the UK and Italy, 45k+ in Spain, and 30k+ each in Germany, the Netherlands and Russia 150k USA (17 shows x 9k avg attendance) 40k Canada (3 shows x 14k avg attendance) 80k Mexico 15k Chile 15k Peru
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    'Pressure' is the 10th career top 5 track for MUSE on the US Billboard Alternative Radio Airplay chart peaking so far at #5. TC reached #1, DD #3, and SH #10. Simulation Theory - Latest Album Chart Positions 13th Week of Release (600,000 equivalent album units sold worldwide to date) #24 USA Top Album Sales (6k copies sold during the past two weeks boosted by concert ticket/album sale bundle offers redeemed by fans attending the 11 March gig at The Forum in LA) #30 Portugal Top Albums #41 Belgium Wallonia Top Albums #42 Switzerland Top Albums #68 France Top Albums (#40 Physical Sales; #50 Downloads) #71 Canada Top Album Sales #76 Italy Top Albums #82 Belgium Flanders Top Albums #86 Spain Top Albums #100 United Kingdom Top Album Sales
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    Such mixed feelings on this tour, I'm reading actual anger from people who were hugely into the last two tours...? Which was when I felt like that, haha. Well I remember feeling like it was all going to be disappointing, but not such rage. I guess it all depends on whether you love or hate the metal medley (and I love it...) And that spoiler just made me do a happy 😁
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    I'm not sure we allowed it - but I don't mind making the changes
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    Interesting. That is the gig I am going to on my holiday. I am an Englishman visiting that part of the world for the first time. Could not get standing, so I am seated in the lower level.
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    I saw on the Muse subreddit a while ago that Matt told a fan that they're planning to open with the alt version of Algorithm at Spoilering just in case to not ruin the surprise. And yes, I was lurking the Muse reddit whilst the board was down.
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    Thanks I hadn't seen the "Theme" toggle Changing from Muse Default to Default works for me Luc
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    More props and extras means fewer rotations i’m afraid. Though that giant robot thing blows the dildrone out of the water, doesn’t look like cardboard and staples at all.
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    Does look mega If it moves and lights up, it’s gonna look incredible in person. Could end up one of my fave setups from them when I see it in action.
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    Well I think the stage is amazing. I like when Matt becomes dramatic but...All I really need is seeing Matt playing more guitar and piano (more piano than previous tour). They definitely should rotate some songs. Yes, Madness and Uprising are the most popular songs but they don’t need to play them in every gig.
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    it will take a while to get used to the new style of the board. I hope many of the regular users of the old board will come back soon and we'll have exciting times together again. Gigs!
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    That’s what I think what a pity
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