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    Thought i'd try to start a thread for some general gig chatter for memories, experiences and photos but wanted to start it off with this... if you could have one uncut, pro sound recording of a full Muse show which one would it be and why? Also, off of the back of this can we start a petition for muse to release the audio of each of their shows like Metallica have been doing for years.
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    “Matt has officially started writing LP9” “It’s about protests again” 😴
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    United Kingdom Album Charts Dated 9 October 2020 compiled by the Official Charts Company Debut Chart Positions You've Always Been Here - The Jaded Hearts Club #52 Official Albums Chart Top 100 (Sales + Streaming) #14 Vinyl Albums #21 Physical Albums #23 Album Sales (Physical + Digital) #28 Album Downloads #20 Scottish Albums Top 100 #3 Rock & Metal Albums Top 40 Among the 30 artist and songwriter credits on the album: Matt Bellamy: Executive Producer, Featured Artist, Guitar (Bass), Guitar (Rhythm), Keyboards, Piano, Primary Artist, Producer, Vocals, Vocals (Background) Dominic Howard: Drums
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    UK Official Albums Chart Update Top 100 (based on sales of CDs, downloads, vinyl and other formats across 3-5 October 2020) compiled by the Official Charts Company 25. You've Always Been Here - The Jaded Hearts Club (New Entry) The album should debut on both the UK and France Top Album Charts based on sales + streaming in the coming week. On the Apple Music streaming charts, the album ranked in the Top 100 in the UK and the Top 500 in France, Ireland, Spain, Armenia, Latvia and Luxembourg this past weekend YOUTUBE Video/Audio Streams Cumulative to Date as of 5 October 2020 800K+ views on the official YT channel for The Jaded Hearts Club 2 Billion+ views on the official YT channel for MUSE SPOTIFY Audio Streams Cumulative To Date as of 9 October 2020 2 Million+ plays for ten songs covered by the rock supergroup The Jaded Hearts Club on the album featuring members of Muse, NIN, Blur, Jet, The Last Shadow Puppets, The Zutons and very occasionally Paul McCartney Most listeners for The Jaded Hearts Club in the following cities: London, Mexico City, Madrid, Paris and Milan Most popular tracks so far on SPOTIFY: 650K+ Nobody But Me 500K+ This Love Starved Heart of Mine (It's Killing Me) 400K+ Reach Out I'll Be There 175K+ We'll Meet Again (featuring Matt Bellamy) 150K+ Love's Gone Bad
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    Peak Chart Positions Apple iTunes Top Albums - All Genres The Jaded Hearts Club Album: You've Always Been Here (featuring Matt Bellamy on bass including vocals on two tracks 'We'll Meet Again' and 'Fever' as well as producer credits) #7 Chile #8 Spain (#3 Rock) #8 Luxembourg #11 United Kingdom (#4 Rock) - #78 Apple Music Streaming Top Albums - All Genres #12 Mexico #17 France (#4 Rock) #20 Italy (#6 Rock) #24 Belgium #25 Mozambique #28 Australia (#14 Rock) #35 Canada (#12 Rock) #53 Switzerland #66 Netherlands #68 Bulgaria #71 Japan #75 Russia #86 United States (#19 Rock) #267 Germany Review of Album: ★★★★☆ https://www.independent.co.uk/arts-entertainment/music/reviews/jaded-hearts-club-review-album-youve-always-been-here-stream-dagny-strangers-lovers-b739078.html
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    Where do we put Jaded Heart Club discussions? Anyway, Matt's baseline in I Put a Spell On You is pretty much just an exact rehash of Feeling Good. Which is nicely familiar.
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    ja, ich habe den Film zufällig kurz nach meinem Posting auch auf YouTube entdeckt. Wenigstens das... Aber du hast recht - ich würde den Film auch als DVD kaufen. Vielleicht kommt das ja noch irgendwann...
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    Muse at the Mayan 2015 was my favorite show ever-- The recording is pretty close to perfect, but I wish it were complete. I miss concert going so much right now. Not just Muse shows, but all shows. 💔
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    March 28 2019-Toronto

    © @jvel22

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    July 18 2017-Toronto

    © @jvel22

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    March 28 2019- Toronto

    © @jvel22

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