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    https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Signed-copy-of-Showbiz-Muse-Maverick-Release-1999/293290058302?epid=3352192&hash=item444973223e:g:mq8AAOSwUQBdrdtT soms fans are trying to get a new fan site going, at www.musecollectors.org a Signed Showbiz is up for auction on Ebay, to help with the running costs. also need help, from the real collectors and real fans. feel free to contact us through the Website. best wishes, Sharky.
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    Oh das wusste ich gar nicht, dass sie in Südamerika showbiz gespielt haben. Muss ich mal bei youttube schauen. Finde den Song mega! Wobei mir Bliss auch sehr gut gefällt. Weiß nicht ob ich mir die Origin of Muse kaufen werde. Ist ja doch viel Geld - auch wenn da sicher einige Schätze dabei sind. Aber eine Mini-Tour wäre cool - und wenn es nur 1 Konzert in Deutschland ist - ich wäre dabei... Sie haben ja gestern gepostet, dass sie einen MTV Award gewonnen haben. Sehr geil und sowas von verdient! Ich habe natürlich auch für Muse gevotet!
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    Chart Update: Simulation Theory is likely to rank among the top 100 best selling albums for the 2019 chart year in the USA according to Billboard/Nielsen (12 month tracking period from 9 November 2018 thru 7 November 2019). Estimated ST pure album sales: >125K Latest Box Office Reports: MUSE May 26, 2019: Letňany, Prague (32,987 – $2,251,588) - Highest attended concert ever for the band in the Czech Republic Simulation Theory World Tour Estimated Total Gross: $98-102 million Simulation Theory World Tour Estimated Total Attendance: 1,270,000 for 55 concert dates + 200,000 for 2 festivals in Belgium and Brazil and 2 special shows (Formula 1 Grand Prix in Singapore and IndyCar Classic COTA in Austin, TX) The Simulation Theory World Tour spanning only 8 months from February thru October in 2019 was the fifth most attended global concert tour this year among all acts (#1 Ed Sheeran, #2 P!nk), the second most attended tour behind #1 Metallica among all bands, and the third most attended tour behind Metallica and BTS among all groups according to Touring Data: Metallica 'WorldWired' 1,657,448 tickets; BTS 'Love/Speak Yourself' 1,175,378 tickets; MUSE 'Simulation Theory' 1,033,330 tickets [from 38 reported shows]; Backstreet Boys 'DNA' 912,392 tickets; and Kiss 'End of the Road' 823,868 tickets - From reported shows as of early October 2019 Bon Jovi 'This House Is Not For Sale' also likely sold over 1.2 million tickets from May- October 2019. None of the 24 dates of this tour have been reported. Source: https://touringdata.wordpress.com/2019/10/02/muse-simulation-theory-tour/
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    First-ever MUSE gigs at venues in various world capital cities: EUROPE (32) LONDON (The Bull and Gate in February 1995) - Some friends from Devon traveled with the band via coach from Exeter to attend the show - Tribute to Nothing topped the bill - Pub/Club Capacity 120 - Bands such as Nirvana, Coldplay, Oasis, Blur, and Suede have also played shows at this venue early in their careers EDINBURGH (The Venue in February 2000) CARDIFF (University Terminal 396 in May 1999) BELFAST (Ulster Hall in February 2004) DUBLIN (Whelan's in October 1999) PARIS (Le New Morning in July 1999) - Nightclub which has featured performances in the past from Prince and Bob Dylan and many legendary jazz musicians like Stan Getz, Pat Metheny, Charlie Haden, and Dizzy Gillespie BERLIN (Knaak-Klub in October 1999) - Named after Ernst Knaak, the local communist resistance fighter against the Nazi regime in the 1940's - Artists such as Rammstein, Snow Patrol and Keane have performed at this club in the past - Closed in 2010 but there are plans to re-open at a different location MOSKVA (Dvorets Sporta Luzhniki in September 2001) - About 4,000 Russian fans in attendance at this Sports Palace arena which was originally named after Vladimir Lenin before the name change in 1992 KYIV (Palats Sportu in October 2007) - First gig in Ukraine - Arena capacity 10K BERN (Stade de Suisse Wankdorf in June 2010) - 35,000 estimated attendance as headliners - The band also performed at two festivals near the city in 2002 (Muri) and 2001 (Wohlen) ROME (Teatro Palladium in April 2001) - Built in 1926 - Venue Capacity 1,000 BRUSSELS (Le Botanique in January 2000) - Venue Capacity 250 AMSTERDAM (Paradiso in January 2000) - Venue Capacity 1,500 VIENNA (Flex in November 1999) STOCKHOLM (Cirkus in December 1999) COPENHAGEN (Vega in December 1999) OSLO (Rockefeller Music Hall in December 1999) HELSINKI (Tavastia in October 2000) MADRID (Sala Arena in April 2001) - Capacity 1,600 - Venue closed in 2017 LISBON (Aula Magna in April 2002) - Concert Hall at Lisbon University WARSAW (Orange Fest in June 2015) PRAGUE (O2 Arena in November 2012) BUDAPEST (Papp Laszlo Sportarena in October 2007) BUCHAREST (Arc de Triumf in October 2007) ATHENS (Rockwave Festival in July 2000) ZAGREB (Dom Sportova in October 2007) BELGRADE (Beogradska Arena in October 2007) LUXEMBOURG (Den Atelier in May 2001) MONACO (Stade Louis II in July 2007) REYKJAVIK (Laugardalsholl in December 2002) RIGA (Arena in July 2007) TALLINN (Saku Suurhall in December 2012) ANKARA (No Gigs) - MUSE first played a couple of shows in Turkey in Istanbul in 2002 and another festival date in the same city in 2006 but unfortunately the last scheduled festival show in 2016 was cancelled due to political instability/security reasons. VILNIUS (No Gigs) - MUSE have not performed in Lithuania in the nation's capital but did play their first-ever show in that country at Zalgiris Arena in Kaunas in June 2016 AMERICAS (8) MEXICO CITY (Palacio de los Deportes in April 2007) - 18,500 concert-goers OTTAWA (Capital Music Hall in November 2004) - 500 estimated attendance - Closed in 2011 WASHINGTON DC (Metro Cafe in April 2000) - Located 1 mile north of the White House - About 10 people in attendance including some fans who were at a MUSE gig in Baltimore, MD two nights before BRASILIA (Porao do Rock Festival in August 2008) BUENOS AIRES (Teatro Gran Rex in July 2008) SANTIAGO (Teatro Caupolican in July 2008) BOGOTA (Palacio de los Deportes in July 2008) LIMA (Jockey Club Hipodromo in October 2019) ASIA (8 National Capitals + 2 China Regional Capitals) BEIJING (Wukesong Arena in September 2015) - First gig in mainland China with over 7,500 fans in attendance - Metallica, Eagles, Iron Maiden, Elton John, Beyonce, Backstreet Boys, the Killers, and Avril Lavigne are among the other Western artists who have performed at this indoor arena TOKYO (Shibuya O-West in March 2000) - 500 estimated attendance SINGAPORE (Fort Canning Park in January 2007) - 6,500 estimated attendance SEOUL (Jamsil Gymnasium in March 2007) - 7,000 estimated attendance JAKARTA (Istora Senayan in February 2007) - 7,000 estimated attendance KUALA LUMPUR (Stadium Negara in February 2007) - 9,000 estimated attendance BANGKOK (Impact Arena in September 2015) - About 7,000 in attendance ABU DHABI (Formula 1 Grand Prix in November 2013) - MUSE performed their first concert in the United Arab Emirates at the Desert Rock Festival in Dubai in March 2008. HONG KONG SAR (Asia-World Expo in March 2007) - Central (formerly Victoria City) on Hong Kong Island across from the Kowloon Peninsula could be called the capital of HK. The venue where MUSE performed is located on another island (Chek Lap Kok) next to the HK International Airport. TAIPEI (Spirit of Taiwan Festival in February 2007) AFRICA (1) CAPE TOWN (My Coke Fest in March 2008) - MUSE also played another festival engagement in Johannesburg in the same month. AUSTRALASIA (0) CANBERRA (No Gigs) - MUSE have performed over 60 gigs in Australia in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, the Gold Coast, and Perth but none in the nation's capital. The band's first performances Down Under took place at venues in Melbourne and Sydney in March 2000. WELLINGTON (No Gigs) - MUSE have played 6 shows in Auckland and Christchurch but none in the nation's capital. The band's first concert in New Zealand took place at the Big Day Out Festival in Auckland in January 2004.
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    Lyrics from Dig Down are quoted in Michael Connelly's new book "The Night Fire". The book came out in US on Tuesday. Nice to see.
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    Yeah this is definitely true. You could always get a file from someone else, but it will have to be played to match how it's written. Plus if you need to go in and fix something that doesn't sound quite right, it could become a bit tricky. I've learned so much about DAWs and MIDI from writing this file as well, so it's worth it in a way.
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    I had no idea too tbh haha, just check 2-3 pages back in this topic, you’ll see that’s it’s my first time doing an automation too, I hadn’t an idea on how to even change the grids 😂
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    @james90 I’ll keep it in mind. Behringer UR22 is basically a Focusrite 2i4, but for much cheaper. Since I’m not going to be able to use it well (due to the computer being shitty) it won’t be necessary to get something too good I guess. @nightleld Thanks! I used Logic like I mentioned above. The file isn’t completely finished IMO, so I don’t think I’ll upload it in a near time 😕 However, it’s a pitch shifter, so it plays whatever you want it to, so the tabs depend on your file. Btw it’s a weird tip, but if you really want to play it good, I suggest you at least try to create your “custom” file, because 1)like I said above, since it’s a pitch shifter you’ve got infinite possibilities to play it. 2) and most importantly; I’m %100 sure if I already had found a midi file for this song before, I couldn’t play it this well.
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    Well, yesterday we had a little show and I requested Unsustainable a lot, so we decided to play it! In the backing track we only used the reporter, robot, and the orchestra sounds. Unfortunately the sound engineer decreased the sound of the backing track and my guitar in the middle of the song but it felt SO good to play it live.. Here are some clips! @james90 I had problems with external instrument plugin before, because I didn't select that box when I was creating that midi external midi file in the first place Anyway I changed it before the show. IMG_3355 2 copy.mp4 IMG_3355 copy.mp4
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    Could have been a third version 🙂 I love the piano-only version, it is so stripped down which is beautiful for me.
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    Well .. there are more guys at a funeral than here 😑
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