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    Erm, guys.... https://store.muse.mu/uk/simulation-theory-deluxe-film-box-set.html Hope there's a standard edition of it too
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    Trailer looks interesting! I knew it won‘t be a concert film when Matt said it is their „The Wall“ ... I‘d prefer a normal concert-film, box is really expensive I think, not sure if I‘ll buy it. I just want the Blu-ray ...
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    I just hope that there's some room in this for a few straightforward performances of songs. I mean, I watch a concert film because I want to see the songs performed like at a gig. This is obviously not that but the trailer makes me think it's the total opposite, more of a movie with just pieces of performances spliced in. I guess we'll find out soon...
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    Leave it to Muse to do the most illogical, irresponsible thing possible and not only release it in theaters, but likely ONLY in theaters.
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    Yeah, definitely not the right voice for that song, especially since they kept the instrumentation so close to the original. I might have worked in a more gritty version.
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    I hoped for a longer version of „We‘ll meet again“ it sounds so unfinished ....... but I enjoy „Reach out I‘ll be there“ , always loved this song, not so sure about the vocals ..
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    Plus the member status is gone ??!! wtf .... no more changes ! bring them back 😭
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