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  2. Anyone got one yet? I'm considering ordering one. Also, can anyone recommend if the coil split is worth it i.e. gives a good alternative sound?
  3. I want to send a fan letter and the address I have is for Q-Prime Management in New York. Is that correct? They say to send an SAE for a signed photo. I live in the UK so UK stamps are no use. What should I do?
  4. lew99


    2004 show - https://www.musewiki.org/Tempe_Marquee_Theatre_2004-12_(gig) Tempe Marquee Theatre. Only show i could find in Arizona in 2004, was cancelled and rescheduled for December. 2007 show - https://www.musewiki.org/Mesa_Amphitheatre_2007_(gig) I think this could be the 2007 show you're looking for as well.
  5. Hi, Maybe you guys will like this cover of Uprising my choir recently made: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CMXYRldahyg&list=PLK0rLWTaO0Icm7AgjME1md9lJBnCKxqhD&index=4
  6. Sale Pricing of $4.99 at Apple iTunes for the Fourth of July Holiday has caused four MUSE albums to re-enter the TOP 500 album sales chart at that US digital retail store this weekend: Peak Positions #79 Black Holes and Revelations (#9 Alternative) #105 The Resistance (#5 Alternative) #171 Drones (#19 Alternative) #371 Origin of Symmetry (#39 Alternative) Exotic Places Visited by Matt Bellamy: Granada (Spain) - Alhamra Antipaxos (Greece) Bhutan Maldives Fiji
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  8. Can't stand the vocal on Unintended at all.
  9. New Born riff Muscle Museum bass line Bliss synths / organ Dead Star soundtracking the ads for Kerrang mag Stockholm Syndrome release and the solar camera video The launch of the old white Muse website (pre-Absolution, iirc?) The hype for Earls Court
  10. Live they are ok, but on this version not, for me 😅
  11. SBH was the first Muse song I heard in 2009 or 2010. I loved music and Matt high vocals 😊
  12. Oh no, I love these ooh, uuh and aah. It's a basic particularity of Matt Bellamy's voice. I call them oohdulations, eh-retonchants and ah-retonchants (invented words 😁) and they drive me crazy 😵🤪 I can't imagine this live without oohs ( https://youtu.be/mo-1hqzMBHg ) and this one without eeh and aah ( https://youtu.be/gsVKqab0ju4 ) 😔
  13. Honestly I'd probably opt for a simpler, cheaper fuzz if I were to start from scratch not influenced by the Muse, just because the Fuzz Factory is very hard to control. But, I have it, and it's still an excellent fuzz when you can dial it in. So I will keep showing it love.
  14. I do believe you mean team ossim. It isn't, but I wouldn't know as I never got accepted!
  15. I do vaguely recall. Who's this Bs character? It isn't the late great bs of team1337 fame ..
  16. Because the power hungry K&T mod closed the previous thread early. Surely you would remember that though...? I hope you all are well ... especially Bs... I think he lost it a while back. Blocked me on Facebook without warning. I can't imagine why. I'm here for you, Bs... just like the bridge magician was. Oh wait.
  17. Updated above. Sorry for the oversight. Finland has now leapfrogged the UK for 1st place in the chart position table. The new versions of Unintended (Official Acoustic Version and Official Mobile Videos on YouTube plus Acoustic, Dream A.I., and Piano Lullaby versions on YT and Spotify) have accumulated 300,000+ total combined video and audio streams on the two platforms during the first ten days of release. The published key of Unintended [Acoustic Version] appears to be G minor which is also the original published key for MUSE Simulation Theory songs Algorithm and The Void and MOZART symphonies No. 25 and No. 40. The key of Unintended on Showbiz is E minor. Johann Sebastian Bach classical pieces that may have influenced and inspired Matt Bellamy in several of his compositions: Prelude in C Major from The Well-Tempered Clavier I, BWV 846 - 'Unintended [Acoustic Versions]' Toccata and Fugue in D minor, BWV 565 - 'Plug In Baby' from Origin of Symmetry 'Bourrée, the fifth movement from Suite in E minor for Lute, BWV 996 - 'Falling Away With You' from Absolution - Also inspired Paul McCartney composing The Beatles' song 'Blackbird' Prelude No. 3 in C minor, BWV 999 - 'Micro Cuts' - Harpsichord was featured on the baroque sounding original version of this Origin of Symmetry track later replaced by guitar
  18. I see this as a home recording, not really a single or official release, and in that context I find the voice and recording quality endearing. I don't see it as an attempt to change or improve the original song, but more like a social media post sharing what he's playing around with and what resonates with him emotionally at the moment.
  19. Nah, not at all. It’s his song at the end of the day and this recording didn’t involve either of the other two so it’s not weird. I guess, even if being reminded of thag still saddens me a bit. But, to me, when your voice changes, you’re best off adapting what you sing when you record to suit. Not that Matt hasn’t done that over the last 5 years or so but he’d have been better off leaving a song like this alone for me, or at least using a mixed voice instead of trying the falsetto. The mixing/editing really doesn’t help either though tbf. Ah well. Interesting that he said on Twitter that it’s more relevant now than ever before. Or am I being stupid and does he mean for his new baby rather than, like, wider world stuff? (literally in middle of writing this sentence and realising it’s almost certainly that lmao, nvm)
  20. Hi there! Glad to hear SOMEONE has a copy of the Resistance in 5.1 :) I purchased the box LP for $180, thinking it was in there, but it was not. The LP bundle is amazing in its own right, but I really only bought it for the 5.1 mix. Unfortunately, the OoS 5.1 mix was not official, and was from a download 😬 I own 0 official 5.1 muse mixes and only 1 altogether, but if I’m honest, the mix not not good. I’d love to find a way to get ahold of the resistance for sure.
  21. Wow, my country is second after the UK 😧😬 I‘m surprised ! Thank you for the info !! but where is Germany ?
  22. Hi everybody 😁 well the piano is beautiful, but when Matts starts singing, it sounds so sticked together, there seems to be no flow ... I can imagine he recorded the piano, then the singing pieces, and just glued them together. I know this is how it‘s done in the studio, but is it usually a great production and you don‘t recognize this? Like here, looks like Matt quickly mixed it himself. I can‘t stand the oohs and uuh and aaa‘s... 🤪 no thanks. BUT I LOVE his version of „We‘ll meet again“ I hope he releases it in ful! It took him half a year for Unintended so .... #soon ...
  23. I see, yeah, I misread that. I too prefer the more fragile effortless falsetto in the original, but those days are gone and that's fine. I don't think this version sounds too forced, only the "had before" bit sounds like he's pushing it a bit. Overall, I prefer these vocals to his sound in a lot of Muse's recent work.
  24. I think he's saying he's putting more power into it than necessary. Anyway I don't think it's weird that he's releasing it under his own name. We all know he's the main songwriter, and here we have a version with just the piano and vocals, both written by Matt. I doubt Dom or Chris have any issue with it.
  25. It's harder to belt in your living room. Can't wake up the baby.
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