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  2. any news on if this is going to get a digital release?
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  5. Yeah that’s about as much as I could find out. I’ve only seen 2-3 online ever. It is indeed beautiful!
  6. Wow it‘s so beautiful! No, I don‘t have it but I found this https://www.discogs.com/de/Muse-Exogenesis-Symphony/release/10677403 https://www.musewiki.org/Exogenesis:_Symphony_(single)
  7. Recently opened my factory wrapped exogenesis vinyl to discover I have the ultra rare white version. I was wondering if anyone knows how many were released. I can’t find much information online and thought I’d see if the community knew more and if anyone else has one. I know 2000 were released in general, mainly the black version.
  8. Hoodoo, Falling Down, Nishe, Animals
  9. Really hoping to snag a copy of this and the Jaded Hearts album that's dropping in June. Haven't had very good luck with RSD in the past.
  10. It seems like Matt has a tradition of posting a back-in-the-studio selfie to kick things off, which we may or may not have gotten with him fiddling on the piano. I'm holding out hope for an early 2022 release, to strike the perfect balance between optimistic and realistic.
  11. Oh I would absolutely love a cover of Ewan McGregor's Endlessly.
  12. Unintended, Falling down, City of delusion ..
  13. I don‘t know exactly, but I remember driving around on RSD for the Reapers Vinyl, asking in the partipicitating stores .. nobody had it 😒 we spent the whole afternoon driving around, just to find out in the end that my shop 5 min away from my home (by feet) took part, and had it! 👍 but it was a lovely sunny day, we had fun and found new stores we‘ve never been to before 😁
  14. Ooh, good question, out of old Muse songs? Falling Down would maybe be #1. Then Shine, Endlessly, Hoodoo or even Starlight just behind. HCM could be a contender too.
  15. Just out of interest, which song would people have liked him to play on Jeff's guitar? FAWY would have been my pick I think
  16. Sorry, I more mean how do you find out which stores will have Matt‘s album? I’ve tried searching and can find stores in the UK taking part but dunno how to see which records they’ll have :S do you have to email and ask?
  17. The reason or thoughts behind RSD is to go into a record shop and buy it there, not online 😎 ... online you‘ll find stuff AFTER the day, for horrendous prices 🙄 but I gues you know this anyway lol I do hate Guiding light.. 🙈
  18. "Guiding Light (On Jeff’s Guitar)" Like he knew the guy.... I'm curious though, definitely want to give that a listen, odd addition as it may be. Now TAB four hands piano... with sheet music... I want!! (Just gotta find an extra pair of hands)
  19. It’s mostly material he recorded over the last year + anyway tbf - Tomorrow’s World, Unintended, Bridge Over Troubled Water, Sim Theory soundtrack, etc. Still, HOLY SHIT, psuedo-solo record!!!! Alternate TAB hyyyyyyype (even if we still can’t escape Guiding Light, boy’s just memein’ at this point). Imagine being told in 2009/10 that Matt would eventually acquire bloody Jeff Buckley’s legendary telecaster and the first thing he’d use it to record for would be a new version of Guiding Light. HOW DO I FIND OUT WHERE TO ORDERRR
  20. Interesting! A special album for Record Store Day. Seems he was in the studio for this, not Muse ... https://www.instagram.com/p/CNX1bzJDChw/?igshid=171zqkclsahaa
  21. My last gig and last Muse gig as well was 2 years ago in May 😕 yes, I do miss them, but as I knew they‘d go on a break and then record new music it‘s wasn’t that bad. Now that the festivals are cancelled and I think the pause will be longer, this is heartbreaking! During the first and second lockdown I enjoyed watching gigs online, thinking next year we‘ll be there again! But now ... Hopefully we‘ll see them going back to the studio soon, Matt just got back from his holidays, he may have read some good books 🙃🤪 nah, as he said life brought him enough material for a Muse album I‘m optimistic it‘ll be great, hopefully rockin‘ again !
  22. This is probs not so optimistic but I miss this band so bloody much it’s almost laughable. I’ve been super busy over the last couple of months and on a bit of a Jeff Buckley/White Stripes/Radiohead binge music-wise, so that and the lack of Muse News pushed them back in the brain a wee bit. Then this morning I randomly played a bit of Bliss on the acoustic and legit almost welled up ffs. September will be 2 years since the last gig, I’m assuming we’re gonna go beyond that. Shows how spoiled we are when that seems like an unthinkable gap of time 💔 They better go on a mad one for the comeback.
  23. Ngl, expected to have heard some more rumblings by now. Hopes of a release by the end of this year are starting to fade a smidge to say the least. Wonder if they slowed things down even more when they saw there’d be even further delays to a proper live return. If they’ve started working on it, I feel like this is the quietest start to recording we’ve ever seen...
  24. Cancelled but, in their email to ticket holders, they say refunds will be automatic for everyone except those who bought the Sunday tickets (specifically “the Muse concert”), who are recommended to keep theirs because they’re “confident/expecting good news for 2022”. So, am I mad for assuming that means Muse have likely signed on (if in pencil) for 2022?
  25. MUSE have performed several times in Roman venues dating from antiquity: Ancient Theater of Fourvière, Lyon, France (15 BC) Arena di Verona, Italy (30 AD) Arena of Nîmes, France (70 AD) Ancient Theater of Vienne, France (1st century AD) Amphitheater of Avenches, Switzerland (130 AD) Source: MuseFrance With the two festival dates in Austria and France featuring MUSE as headliners being cancelled this summer, I am going on hiatus until the next single is released by the band which is expected later this year or early in 2022. Thanks for reading my posts over the years.
  26. Eurockéennes : « On nous contraint à l’annulation » https://www.estrepublicain.fr/culture-loisirs/2021/04/01/eurockeennes-on-nous-contraint-a-l-annulation Not a surprise it was cancelled again this year but a shame nevertheless for the fans. MUSE and Coldplay both played this festival on 7 July 2000. Quotes from Matt at the close of this gig after playing Unintended: "Thanks very much this is our last song. This is off our... make sure to check out a band called Coldplay. I think they're playing later over at a tent, good band. This is uh, it's our last song isn't it? Alright this song is called Showbiz. Thank you very much. Have a good night. See you soon."
  27. Hi and welcome to the board 😊 I‘m not into conspiracy theories myself but I think it is important to question everything and to not take it for granted just because some people decided it is like this, it has always been like this so it must be true. They‘re wrooooong ....
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