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  2. Hey, Musers, I am searching for someone. We met on 12 sept 19 in Amsterdam, stayed in the same hostel and then travelled on a 12 hour tip in the bus to London on sept 13. I think she is from Australia. She had red hair, was very small and had a poncho. We were both there with our Muse shirts on, although mine was from the concert and hers from 2017. We talked about Muse, and she was a Matt-girl, as I was more a Chris-girl. After that we went on the bus, and through French customs. We said goodbye in London at the bus station and said we'd meet at the O2 the next days. That did not happen. But she seemed like some die hard fan, so maybe someone will recognise? I'd like to know where she is now and if she is ok.
  3. Now I have urged one of my sons (the one with an Apple account) to install I Tunes on my laptop. So now I have to go to the supermarket to buy a iTunes card. Hmmmm. No availability. Any other option? It;s not like i'm living in Europe. Oh wait, I am.
  4. I love the Jaded Hearts. it seems like they try to beat Muse for being the best cover band ever.
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  6. ja, ich habe den Film zufällig kurz nach meinem Posting auch auf YouTube entdeckt. Wenigstens das... Aber du hast recht - ich würde den Film auch als DVD kaufen. Vielleicht kommt das ja noch irgendwann...
  7. 1. OOS... or possibly Hullabaloo? 2. OOS 3. Tough question. New Born - especially after I saw this, everything about this is brilliant (wish it was better quality): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9HaKR-p8L3o 4. OOS, Absolution, Showbiz, Black Holes and Revelations, Simulation Theory, Drones, The 2nd Law, The Resistance
  8. Matt: „Unfortunately, Covid took away my Jaded Hearts touring dreams of playing a toilet tour across the UK in a dodgy van.” And surely Bellamy, rock’s most notorious red pill addict, knows what’s really going on with the pandemic. Is it Bill Gates or what? “I haven’t really dug into that level of conspiracy,” Bellamy claims. “What’s going on? We’re all f***ed, aren’t we? I’ve got endless material for the next Muse album, let’s put it that way.” great interview !! https://www.independent.co.uk/arts-entertainment/music/features/jaded-hearts-club-interview-matt-bellamy-b515732.html
  9. Hm, maybe the title can be changed into „Tomorrow‘s world“ ?
  10. Yeah, it‘s really nice to get some new music interpretations now, together with the ones from The Jaded hearts club it‘s really exciting! Who knows, maybe Matt is already planning the next album, tour ... I think he is quite restless regarding the band, music.
  11. Hey , We're putting together a band with a piano/bass/drums setup (similarly to what muse did on earlier records) and I was just wondering what sort of challenges we should be expecting and how to best approach it (what sort of bass tones would work best, how to optimize the sound so that the piano isn't cancelled out by the louder instruments etc) so if anyone has experience with this, all advice is welcome! cheers
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  13. I‘d love to have a proshot of the last gig I went to, this was in Graz last year. 😎
  14. Muse at the Mayan 2015 was my favorite show ever-- The recording is pretty close to perfect, but I wish it were complete. I miss concert going so much right now. Not just Muse shows, but all shows. 💔
  15. I appreciate and enjoy it. Would be very nice to see live in an intimate setting. I suppose, when commenting on a cover, one has to mention how it compares to the original, and this doesn't come close, but that's totally ok. For some reason I've rarely been on board with Matt's post-BHaR sincere voice and this is not one of the exceptions. Must be a personal thing, it's not a judgement of quality by any means. Anyway, I'm very happy with his 2020 solo releases, keep them coming!
  16. Thought i'd try to start a thread for some general gig chatter for memories, experiences and photos but wanted to start it off with this... if you could have one uncut, pro sound recording of a full Muse show which one would it be and why? Also, off of the back of this can we start a petition for muse to release the audio of each of their shows like Metallica have been doing for years.
  17. It‘s been taken down after some days 😔😭
  18. Can't find it there. pretty annoying to not be able to purchase the digital version yet. But I'll wait patiently...
  19. I know now what I don‘t like about it, his pronounciation is very different, not so soft as Art Garfunkel sings it ... but his vocal performance is great!!
  20. Along with U2's Where The Streets Have No Name, Bridge Over Troubled Water is my favourite song of all time so I consider myself lucky to see Matt give both of them a go! His version of Bridge and feels different enough from the original (the guitar intro is lovely) but he omitted some sections and sings the wrong lyric in the final section, which puzzles me. Good vocals though, I had a feeling he would lower it by a half step but he does a fine job of the extended note at the end. I hope he considers playing it live (preferably on the piano) at some point in the future :)
  21. 24 read my post, nobody writes something about it.. YOU ALL AGREE WITH ME !!!! ok ..... 🤦‍♀️😂👀💪
  22. 'Bridge Over Troubled Water' Cover Version by Matt Bellamy Song originally composed by Paul Simon in G Major on the guitar and later transposed to E-Flat Major in a gospel piano version sung by Art Garfunkel reached #1 on the pop charts in the UK, US, France, Canada and New Zealand in 1970 and the top five in eight other countries including Australia, Germany and Spain and won the Grammy Award for Record of the Year and Song of the Year in 1971. Song inspired by JS Bach according to Simon 75,000+ global views on YouTube for the Official Audio Version in the first three days of release with a 99% like rating and 25,000+ streams on Spotify Peak Chart Positions Apple iTunes Top Songs - All Genres #68 Indonesia #70 United Kingdom (#5 Alternative) #85 France (#3 Alternative) #96 Denmark #108 Netherlands #113 Italy (#7 Alternative) #136 Austria #164 Spain #185 Australia #186 Switzerland #197 Belgium #236 Mexico #785 United States (#84 Alternative)
  23. It‘s out! I like it, yes, but nobody can top the original. It‘s beautiful, I‘d love to hear it live! Imagine, Matt and his guitar, in a tiny club ... doing an accoustic session .. yes, it could work! Even in Corona-times .. he‘d have to do month and month of sold-out tiny gigs 😅😂 I‘ll be there, but please in Austria!!
  24. Best selling MUSE album in 44 territories/markets as of 15 September 2020: iTunes Top Albums - All Genres Album: Drones #14 Ukraine #20 Moldova #21 Kyrgyzstan #36 Latvia #42 Luxembourg #44 Belgium (#1 Wallonia and #2 Flanders Peak Chart Positions) #54 Switzerland (#1 - Platinum Certification) #75 Portugal (#1) #79 Romania #81 Armenia #84 Israel #89 Malta #89 Russia (Platinum) #96 Slovenia #99 Singapore #101 Mexico (#1 - Platinum) #102 Cyprus #103 Estonia #116 Netherlands (#1 - Gold) #118 Lithuania #124 Kazakhstan #132 Indonesia #132 Poland (#6) #133 Fiji #133 Italy (#2 - Platinum) #133 Turkey #135 Czech Republic #135 Malaysia #143 Argentina #147 Hong Kong #148 Mauritius #158 Austria (#2 - Gold) #160 France (#1 - Double Platinum) #163 Finland (#1) #169 Slovakia #174 Bulgaria #178 Spain (#3) #180 Macau #186 Colombia #196 Bolivia #218 South Africa #301 United States (#1) - Won Grammy Award for Best Rock Album 2015 #437 Canada (#2 - Platinum) #553 United Kingdom (#1 - Gold) Drones also peaked #1 Australia-Gold, Denmark, Ireland, Norway, and New Zealand; #2 in Sweden; #3 in Germany, Greece and Hungary; #4 in South Korea; and #5 in Japan
  25. Happy 11th Anniversary! Chart Positions as of 15 September 2020: iTunes Top Downloaded Albums - All Genres Album: The Resistance #17 Luxembourg #19 Portugal (#2 Peak Album Chart Position - Gold Certification) #21 Finland (#3 - Platinum) #26 Norway (#1 - Gold) #39 Denmark (#1 - Double Platinum) #42 Belgium (#1 - Platinum) #42 Switzerland (#1 - Platinum) #51 Italy (#1 - Double Platinum) #72 Spain (#2) #83 Austria (#1 - Gold) #86 United States (#3 - Platinum) - Won Grammy Award for Best Rock Album 2010 #93 Sweden (#8) #97 Greece #108 France (#1 - Diamond) #120 New Zealand (#1 - Platinum) #128 Netherlands (#1 - Gold) #129 Ireland (#1 - Platinum) #149 Mexico (#2 - Gold) #152 Belarus #170 Latvia #170 Moldova #254 Russia (#4 - Platinum) #282 Australia (#1 - Platinum) #324 Canada (#1 -Platinum) #358 Germany (#1 - Platinum) #451 United Kingdom (#1 - Double Platinum) #454 Turkey Apple Music Top Streamed Albums - All Genres: #62 Bolivia #141 Lebanon #331 Norway #1354 United Kingdom
  26. Could not believe it's on You Tube,that's saved some money ,not a patch on the Rome DVD , but it's good not great , maybe it will grow on me , not a fan of the storyline , just want to watch a concert , if it's released on Blu ray I will buy it for my collection , but glad I didn't travel 30 miles to watch at the cinema, for me 7 out of 10 .
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