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  2. This is really shaping to be their first proper South American tour since BH&R.
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  4. Yeah... the pictures show it all stage at one end and most seating is miles away ... the London Stadium is just too big and shallow seated for anyone to be really close and see. Found myself watching the giant (wasn't that ace!?!) screen more. Matt said it beats Wembley!!?? Well please don't use this stadium again - Wembley would have been better!
  5. Stimmt, es filmen genug da muss ich nicht auch noch! Ich hab nur ein 10 Sekunden Video gemacht, seil i h wissen wollt wiegut der Sound dann wäre - er wäre sehr gut 😀 Aber nein, ich fotografier lieber, und geniesse das Konzert 👍😎
  6. I've been to their shows in Kuala Lumpur (2007) and Singapore (2010 and 2015). Showbiz: Sunburn Origin of Symmetry: New Born Plug in Baby Citizen Erased Feeling Good Absolution: Apocalypse Please Time is Running Out Stockholm Syndrome Interlude Hysteria Butterflies & Hurricanes Black Holes and Revelations: Take a Bow Starlight Supermassive Black Hole Map of the Problematique Soldier's Poem Invincible Assassin Hodoo Knight of Cydonia The Resistance: Uprising Resistance Undisclosed Desires United States of Eurasia Unnatural Selection MK Ultra Starlight Exogenesis: Symphony Part 1 (Overture) The 2nd Law: Madness The 2nd Law: Unsustainable Drones: Dead Inside [Drill Sergeant] Psycho Mercy Reapers Others: Helsinki Jam Nishe Munich Jam My wish list to hear live: Muscle Museum Bliss Unintended Exo-Politics The Small Print In Your World Map of Your Head Endlessly Something Human Get Up and Fight
  7. I'm still waiting other date for Asia tour. If no news I'm planning to go F1 Singapore for Muse. Anyone else from Malaysia? Or should wait until next year? Because Singapore quite boring already, every year went there. 😂
  8. Ich schätze mal, dass sie so gegen 20.30 Uhr anfangen werden. Hab aber auch gesehen, dass es beim 1. Konzert der Europatour noch sehr hell war draußen bei den ersten Liedern.. Aber das lässt sich wohl kaum vermeiden. Wichtiger ist mir allerdings auch das Wetter. Ich hatte schon einen Alptraum, dass das Konzert wegen Unwetter abgesagt werden musste... 😳Bisher werden auf wetter.de Sonne und Wolken bei ca. 20 Grad gemeldet. Wäre schon zufrieden wenn es so bleiben würde. Ich werde sicher auch ein paar Bilder machen, vielleicht auch mal ein Video. Aber ich finde es auch ein Unding wenn man das ganze Konzert mitfilmt. Ich will ja mitsingen (und meinen Gesang will ich dann aber nicht auf der Aufnahme hören - *grööhl*) und mitklatschen usw. Es gibt ja eigentlich zu jedem Konzert Videos auf youtube - wenn man nochmal nachschauen möchte oder jemanden was zeigen möchte. Das reicht vollkommen aus. Yeah - nur noch 12 Tage! 🙂 LG biene
  9. Hi everyone. Haven't posted in this part of the forum in ages but I wanted to let everyone know I created a new Muse group on DeviantArt. It's called Muse-Art-Inspiration and I created it to take the place of MuseAddiction, which will become defunct. The group is brand new and I'm in the process of sending out invites and requests for art to be added to the galleries, so there's not a lot there yet. But don't be hesitant to join - it can grow fast, but it needs your help! I know these forums aren't as busy as they used to be but I'm sure there are some artists lurking out there! 😁
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  11. Song and Album Download Sales and Streaming Chart Positions Day After Luzhniki Stadium Concert: Russia iTunes: 96. Supermassive Black Hole 167. Starlight 169. The Dark Side 185. Pressure 197. Uprising 294. Algorithm 331. Hysteria 332. Resistance 338. Thought Contagion 387. Time Is Running Out 393. Mercy 443. Undisclosed Desires Apple Music: 404. Supermassive Black Hole 498. Starlight iTunes Albums: 5. Simulation Theory - Deluxe (#1 Madonna; #2 RAMMSTEIN; and #4 Billie Eilish) 53. Black Holes and Revelations 78. Absolution 82. Origin of Symmetry 86. The Resistance 121. Live At Rome Olympic Stadium 126. Showbiz 147. Drones 158. The 2nd Law 244. Simulation Theory - Standard Apple Music Albums: 13. Simulation Theory 67. Black Holes and Revelations 93. Origin of Symmetry 94. Drones 107. The Resistance 146. Absolution 172. The 2nd Law 374. Showbiz Photo At End of Concert in Moscow https://www.nusgram.com/media/ByvwrI1n6b-
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  13. If it's the same as the other gigs then doors were at 17:30. Quite early!
  14. Hey Greg, My friend and i will be in Krakow from Saturday to Monday, if you would like hanging out after Muse concert will be cool. What i know is that there is going to be a Polish music festival on Saturday also, which last until morning Sunday (Wianki - Święto Muzyki 2019). This is my second time in Krakow, last time i went for Krakow pub Crawl it is an interesting experience to meet new people and see several Krakow clubs. eagle_eye i see there going to be a music band allusinlove from Castleford as a support band but no idea what is the schedule. Cheers
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  16. Gemsy

    muse vip@ O2

    £4 grand lunchbox
  17. Finde ich auch doof, aber später als 21 Uhr ist wohl nicht zu erwarten. Je nach Spielort ist ja nach hinten auch kein Spielraum. Ich freue mich trotzdem. Hauptsache, kein Regen! Noch 2 Wochen!🙂
  18. The Resistance stadium outdoor shows were all bloody fantastic, as was the stage for the festival run. Simple, effective and didn't hold back the band from mixing up the sets. Watched of a multi-cam of the second Wembley night 2010 last night (with the rotations from night 1 included) and it brought back so many great memories, by far the best 'standard' performance I've ever seen them give. Of course, Leeds 2011/Psycho tour/SBE were special occasions but they really were on fire that night. MK Ultra, Map and my first performance of Bliss all back to back, Matt's People of the Sun into and the outro tapping in Hysteria, the Glasto '04 riff in CE and RBS (my all-time fav) completely out of the blue...they were brilliant that weekend but seemed more loose than on the first night. Top 5 Muse gig, maybe even top 3. And yet, for all the controversy at the time, looking back...the first night's set was also no slouch.
  19. hoffentlich fangen muse erst so gegen 20:45 Uhr an - ich war vorgestern bei Metallica, im Hellen wirkte deren Bühne null. Das wird bei Muse nicht anders sein. Vor Viertel vor 10 - 10 ist es noch sehr hell (wenn das weiter einigermaßen normal ist)
  20. I'm coming from Australia. I'll be in Krakow for just the show on the Saturday night. Looks like trams 52, 70 and 73 run past the top of the Old Town (close to Kraków Główny station) to the intersection of the road that the venue is on. Then it's a 600m walk to the show. Does anyone know what time each of the bands start?
  21. Tiket paling murah pon harga dah merangkak nak sambaq 😅 harap depa singgah malaysia sekali lagi.. 😁
  22. Prince squeezed his 21 shows into 6-7 weeks, tickets were £31 and it was a different set every night. He played something like 150 songs during the residency, at least once per week he played a completely different deep cuts show at the indigo2 after the main set. It was incredible This'll put Muse on 13ish O2 shows?
  23. Commenter under latest Insta post asked if they were planning to come to Argentina and Muse replied with "News next week". Sounds like good news for our friends in South America. I imagine it'll just be a handful of dates, as has been the trend for this tour. But, were I a fool who too often got his hopes up, I might ponder whether a few more US dates might be in our future. Probably not, but as always, a man can dream...
  24. Werchter [Drill Sergeant] Psycho Pressure Break It To Me Uprising The Dark Side Supermassive Black Hole Plug In Baby Unsustainable Thought Contagion Interlude Hysteria Citizen Erased Madness Prelude Starlight Bliss Mercy Time Is Running Out Medley: Stockholm / Assassin / Reapers / Dead Star / Micro Cuts / The Handler / New Born / Yes Please / Agitated Man With A Harmonica Knights Of Cydonia September EU shows Algorithm (Alternate Reality) Pressure [Drill Sergeant] Psycho Break It To Me / Blockades Uprising The Dark Side (Alternate Reality Instrumental) Bliss / Map Of The Problematique Thought Contagion Hysteria / Time Is Running Out Unsustainable Dig Down (Gospel) Prelude Starlight [barrier walk] Interstitial 1 [Something Human] Madness / Undisclosed Desires / Resistance [Propaganda] Mercy / Get Up And Fight Close Encounters The Dark Side Supermassive Black Hole Plug In Baby D&B Medley Take A Bow Interstitial 2 The Void Interstitial 3 Guitar Noise Medley Man With A Harmonica Knights Of Cydonia
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