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  4. Hi ! I have composed a symphonic orchestral cover of the beautiful song Unintended (from the album Showbiz ). Do you like it ? https://youtu.be/Pi8_ZxLB6iA
  5. "Quarantine" sounds like it would make for a good mid-late album track, imo. I could also see Matt weaving themes of 'social distancing' into an album in a characteristically on the nose criticism of how technology has replaced real communication. I'll give Matt a little more credit than that, though. He's rarely THAT obvious!
  6. FAWY has always been and remains one of Muse's finest songs. It gets me every time. It's one of their most truly heartfelt.
  7. FAWY was one of the more requested live songs from people like us before...T2L I think? Just below stuff like MM, CE, Dead Star, etc. I was shocked when it wasn’t voted in at SBE ‘cos of how much people went on about getting it played live for years. Think the main drive of that was it being the only album track that’d never been played though, as opposed to quality, so maybe as we got more and more of those (Cross-Pol, Redemption for a time, Big Freeze, Aftermath) it lost its significance.
  8. To Muse fans, the list could go on quite a while. There are really very few Muse songs that don't have die hard fans, frankly I'm hard pressed to think of one I haven't seen lauded as a classic by someone on here. In my eyes....probably Falling Away With You. I feel like I see it get the short end of the stick a lot but it's a top 3 track from Absolution for me, no question. By the world at large? Anything not named Madness, Uprising, Starlight, Supermassive Black Hole, Knights Of Cydonia, Time Is Running Out, Hysteria, or Plug In Baby. Muse is in such a weird but kind of ideal spot with commercial success. They can sell out arenas, have a massive global fanbase that will always buy their new albums, and they've had multiple charting hits and at least one Billboard number 1 record. That said, most people I meet aren't really aware they have more than one or two songs (though which songs those are depends on who I'm talking to). Muse isn't really a household name, despite having earned plenty of commercial success and always putting on some of the most spectacular live shows in the world. To me that comes down to two things: lack of consistent critical favor, and lack of a followup smash hit after Madness. By the former, Muse doesn't get that extra push from critics which helps less commercially successful bands maintain a high reputation, and can help to bring in new fans (for example, Fantano is notoriously unimpressed with Muse in general, though he does like TR). By the latter, Muse didn't cement their place in the singles charts by capitalizing on the success of Madness, which I believe is still their highest charting single. So to many casual listeners, they might appear like a flash in the pan or one-hit wonder, despite the reality being very different. They had a steady build-up over many years to that commercial breakthrough, but didn't stay on the charts. To me this is a near perfect recipe for Muse to be just plain underrated as a band. Okay maybe in 10-20 years people will look back on T2L and ST and think it's all a bit too silly, but they hopefully also look back on that run from Showbiz through BH&R or TR and think "wow, there's a band that really stands out after all this time and still sounds relevant!" Drones could go either way I suppose. I love it, but I know it gets a lot of criticism for being kind of heavy handed and half baked.
  9. Reapers Revolt Madness boy that's tough
  10. I'd really rather early 2021 than late. I'm graduating next spring and new Muse before I get out of college would be a fantastic way to go out, lol. But also waiting till the end of 2021 feels like forever away. I will say though, ST still feels very new to me. It's not the kind of record you go back and pick out loads of details you didn't hear the first few times, but it is the kind with plenty of songs I'd be happy to put on repeat. The alternate reality version also holds a lot of water and keeps the material interesting....now if they can just combine the successes of the two discs into one on the next record... Actually now that I think about it, it reminds me of what the Foo Fighter's were doing in the late 00's. In Your Honor was half electric, half acoustic in a gamble to fully explore both sides of the band's sound. It had different songs on either disc but the idea was kind of similar to what Muse did with ST. Release two albums at once which ideally take the band in two different directions. The Foos followed that up with Echoes, Silence, Patience, and Grace, which I haven't listened to but I'm aware was an effort to then combine the acoustic and electric sides into a more dynamic whole. So that would be a nice idea for the next record maybe. Take the spaceyness and often stripped down quality of the second disc and combine it with the studio sheen and pop concision of the first for a more dynamic whole that meets somewhere in the middle. Not like it would be a new idea for Muse to combine disparate styles, lol.
  11. If this was supposed to fool me it definitely hasn't done that.
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  13. If they play a new song tonight, .... April fool !! but I tried it ....
  14. 1) The Resistance had just come out and I was hooked FAST 2) The Resistance 3) Uprising 4) Absolution, Simulation Theory, The Resistance, Black Holes and Revelations, Origin of Symmetry, Drones, Showbiz, The 2nd Law (They’re all mostly equal though!!)
  15. 1. Showbiz 2. Showbiz 3. I bought Showbiz album because of MM, became a fan because of Sunburn 4. Hard to tell, it changes almost everyday... So for today : Absolution > OOS > Drones = BHR > The Resistance = Showbiz > Simulation Theory > The 2nd Law
  16. 1. Absolution 2. Absolution 3. Time is Running Out 4. Absolution Origin of Symmetry Showbiz Black Holes and Revelations The Resistance Drones The Second Law Simulation Theory *Disclaimer: I am really only certain of the top 3. I haven't listened to The Second Law, Drones, or Simulation Theory enough to confidently place them.
  17. Hi all, First time poster here, so hope I am doing this right. I know this isn't very scientific but I am curious to see if there are any correlations between these variables. If enough people respond, I'll compile the data and share what I find. Questions: 1. What was the newest Muse album when you became a Muse fan? 2. What was the first Muse album you listened to (having heard at least 75% of the songs on the album)? 3. What Muse song got you interested in them? 4. Rank Muse's studio albums
  18. I am not sure but it feels like the tv-version is a bit edited from the cinema version. Since it was some time ago I watched it in the cinema I might be wrong but here is what I feel is different. When I watch it in a cinema in Stockholm they had signs warning about the "flashing" lights in the movie (epileptic seizures) Those scenes seems to be edited away. I read that you felt that the atmosphere wasn't capture in the TV-version and I have to agree a bit to that. I saw the concert movie in a new movie theater in Stockholm with absolute state-of-art sound (dolby atmos) and picture (HFR high frame rate). Compare that to a 720p tv-version and you lose a lot, specially in t he sound. In the cinema I almost felt that the audience sounded to much 😁 . Just a some thoughts I have.. or maybe we both just have waited to long to see the concert at home and our expectations are to high after all waiting. I have attached some pictures from Stockholm 11 June 2016 Thank for the link to the video I really appreciate it 🙏
  19. For those who haven‘t seen it yet, it is in the mediathek of 3Sat again until March 29 😎👍 https://www.3sat.de/kultur/pop-around-the-clock/muse-102.html
  20. Hi there, That’s strange. Could you please provide a picture of what’s going on?
  21. Yeah, would be great but I think he has other things to do and he is too shy .. but only my thoughts.
  22. No I am not patient, but I have to I guess. Can't wait for Muse performing from Mars.
  23. Just uploading that infected my laptop/thanks for that/
  24. After seeing that I'm waiting for a Matt Bellamy 's instagram live 😁 https://youtu.be/FGGHPDKlKSw
  25. A picture inspired by my crazy writings and Matt Bellamy 's voice 😊
  26. I was looking to see if anyone has any origin of muse to sell? I did ask to be emailed when it was back in stock but didn't receive any? Absolutely Gutted I can't get hold of this anywhere.
  27. If it isn‘t ready for a release by now, I believe we‘ll have to wait longer for it .. if it is ready, throw it out with a livestream, for a fee if necessary. Cinemas premiering it is impossible now. I think we need to be patient.
  28. Can't wait to hear some new stuff, I'm sure it will be awesome as ever.... Now is the time to release the film they recorded in London at the O2 last September: I do miss the gigs and tours!
  29. Hey, guys. On my Home page, At the top of the page I placed a picture on the left. Text to the right of it and more text under it. And it is all fine when I publish it. But under that, whether I place a picture or Text and place it in the middle or the right side of the page, when I publish it, it is stuck to the far left of the page. It's like, whatever I put in the middle of the page gets stuck to the left side when published. It looks perfect when I preview it. I have tried locking it down. Pinning it to the left and the right. But nothing works. Does anyone know what's going on? Thank you in advance. Joseph
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