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  2. I love both versions! The void is just a great song!
  3. Ich war im Urlaub... Erzählt doch mal was von den beiden Konzerten. Hab auf youtube gesehen, dass sie in Amsterdam the void gespielt haben - das ist ja mal eine Überraschung! Ich hoffe, es dauert nicht allzulange bis zur nächsten Tour. Ich muss sie uuuuunbedingt wiedersehen!!!
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  5. Well, Strymon Sunset is basically 2 individual pedals, and each pedal has 3 modes (FET/treble boost, high gain OD, tube screamer etc.) and you can stack or use it parallel however you want to use it, the combinations are infinite, so I use treble boosted hi-gain to get something close to a distortion, BUT I think the biggest problem is the amp (Blues Junior), so whatever I change with my pedals, I just can’t get enough dirt and sustain after a limit. Why is it necessary to but a buffered pedal in front of the whammy? (don’t get me wrong, I just don’t understand why since Whammy’s always on) My order is: Guitar+( built-in Fuzz Factory) > whammy > OD Sorry I didn’t understand, which part do you mean by those triplets being -2? In 1:34 there’s that weird oscillation (Which I accidentally kinda achieved when I used Low E’s A instead of low A like you suggested, you can see in the video below.) About the middle section of the project, yesterday I made some modifications to it. Normally the first part of the middle where you do those dive bombs with string tree hitting are different in live and studio recording as you know, and the 2nd part is just -1 octave without any expression changes. In my project I modified it so the first part is like the live versions (just like the video you sent) and the second part is like the original recording. HOWEVER, yesterday I accidentally closed the project and clicked “Don’t Save” 🙄 fml. Here’s a video I recorded after I changed the middle part, sorry for the bad quality and mistakes, it’s the only one I recorded before I, you know.. clicked Don’t Save. I’ll try to send the project when I change everything again D9EFA797-CF5C-41DD-AE93-33539AACA8BF.mp4
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  7. tysm for even putting the time into it tho! and yeah i have a normal whammy 5 so idk ab DT settings - p awesome that uve made this tho
  8. I think I get what you mean. It can easily end up too distorted, but still lack the high end/treble and sustain - especially when compared to the other octave up settings. I find that using a distortion rather than fuzz works best, since fuzz pedals don't always play nicely with the whammy - especially when placed after. If you've got a pedal that has buffered bypass (rather than true bypass) try placing that in front of the whammy. Any Boss pedal for example will work. Don't switch the pedal on, but just have it in the signal chain directly before the whammy. So it would be... Guitar > any pedal (switched off) with a buffered bypass > whammy > treble booster > distortion > amp I'd experiment with the different settings on the Strymon combined with the treble booster. Maybe try a lower gain setting on the Strymon, and adjust the treble booster to where it sounds best. In this case, I'd actually avoid using the fuzz factory, since that would have to go in front of the whammy anyway. I think still possible MB recorded it that way (based on the oscillation at the very end of the song) but he often runs into a DI with the gain cranked up, which is part of getting that additional overdrive and treble. And sure, or if a sound clip is easier I can try to figure it out myself. A little more difficult as the guitar is lower in the mix during that part of the song. Also, an observation about the live version. Those same triplets we were discussing earlier (the quick ones towards the beginning) - it seems that the live version actually has the first as +2 octave, and then the others as -2 octave. Right around 1:34. It's definitely not in the studio version, but seems to be in all the live ones.
  9. Wow, I use Strymon Sunset’s Hard mode (which is a ProCo Rat clone as I’ve heard) boosted with a treble boost, + FF since I don’t have any distortion pedal (even my amp doesn’t have a dist channel lol). If I use only Sunset, the gain seems so clean but if I use FF then it sounds too fuzzy 😕 I only tried it with the classic mode, I’ll give it a try! By the way, I had the middle section in the midi file i created with Logic, I’d say it’s %80 correct since it’s basically just dive bombing. I can send it to you if you want.
  10. Cubase I guess, but I'd need to set the project up first. I'd need to figure out a few things first though - can't say I use that program too often. I don't have any written out yet, no. The only one that sounds correct to me is the switching between bypass and dive-bomb. Only thing is that even if I've got the timing of the two settings right, it sounds like too much like a kill switch effect - switching completely on and off. It might involve one of the drop tune settings on the DT I guess. Thanks, and that was the Marshall DSL amp distortion. I think that was just with the gain and treble turned up and bass turned down. I can't remember if I mentioned this, but if you're using the whammy 5, have it switch to the classic mode for the lower notes. So you'd essentially be using the chords mode program changes (PC 42, 43, etc) for all of the song except for the low A notes, which would be PC 8 (for -2 octave anyway.) Tends to sound a bit better, and it's only single notes, so the tracking isn't much of an issue. Or if you want to be overkill, you can take a MIDI controllable loop switcher, and use a different pedal for certain parts... and that is just for the pitch shifting. As there are three unused loops, I could add three different fuzz/distortion pedals that could be instantly switched out for different parts of the song. Planning to do something else though.
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  12. @james90 What do you use for the tone? It sounds good, has the right amount of fuzz without any hum noise!
  13. Which one would be easiest? I have access to Studio One, Cubase, etc I can get some ones if needed. Also do you have tabs? Tysm tho and yeah nut strikes in this song is important. I may be wrong but I thought it was -1 octaves for the sequences where its like 000000 and then -2 for higher notes and nut strikes BUT im probably wrong Ty tho!
  14. Thanks, and yeah, it only seems to be for mac unfortunately. Do you have access to any other DAWs? I could try to set it up as a Cubase project, but will need to see if it requires redoing everything from beginning to end. I should also mention that I haven't actually done the middle section of the song. It's just set for -1 octave all the way through. Basically what you see in this video, but I've made some small adjustments since then. Mainly fixed the timing of the nut strikes (which were correct initially, but not here 🤦‍♂️) and that same bit towards the beginning that I've never really figured out...Yet. video.mp4
  15. Does anybody know where to buy Chris's t shirt? It's awesome 😁
  16. I'm not referfing to the U.S Mix of Muscle Museum. I'm referring to the 'different take' version, which is much different too the official releases. Plug In Baby was played throuout 2000, and the early versions were different from those played towards the end of 2000. as they were playing Plug In Baby in January 2000, it makes it obvious, they rehearsed this version the song in late 1999. I'm saying they must have a Demo of Plug In Baby they played for most of 2000, before they changed too the version We now know, in late 2000. Sharky.
  17. Nope, Bothrill's sessions were in december 2000, in september/october 2000 they recorded a bunch of demos just before the final gigs of showbiz tour, in australia/japan/northern europe. And it makes sense, if they recorded the final version of plug in baby in october 2000, they wouldn't play the demo version in early november 2000.... I believe the " mushroom session " happened after the tour, and that led them to reach the OOS tone, so they created new arrangements for the demos they already had : bliss, pib, new born, dark shines, and " the other " on the CD is probably hyper music or microcuts ( unfortunately there's no bootleg of that song but it was played at the end of showbiz tour ) That's the most plausible explanation, I think.
  18. They are the recordings on OoS but different mixes with a couple of overdubs. The late 2000 live versions are based on these. You can find the club Quattro Gig on YouTube and listen for yourself. The other MM is the 2nd single release which should be available somewhere on YouTube. There's also another take on one of the showbiz b-sides. For Bliss PiB and Newborn demos, there are numerous good quality live versions widely available. It's a shame the live versions aren't on the box set, I'd much prefered remastered versions of those as opposed to reading 2011.
  19. I've already spent so much money on travel recently it is physically painful to think of potentially having to spend more for an Origin of Muse tour.
  20. well they are not the finished versions on O.O.S. would have been nice to hear them. they are holding back many songs, what about the alternative, so called Different Take of Muscle Museum?. no Demo of that recorded?. just listen to the changes in Plug In Baby & Bliss from the 2000 Tour, then compare them, to a few Months later, when they recorded the finshed versions on O.O.S. would have been fantastic to hear the early 2000 Demo's of Bliss, New Born & Plug In Baby,. and the Guitar version of Bliss, that was played live in 2000, surely there is a Demo?. sadly it's not meant to be.
  21. I don't think these are Demo's. OoS was being recorded during this period. I assume these are from the David Bothril session who's credited with producing NewBorn, Bliss, Plug In Baby and Darkshines. I woonder if one of the PiB mixes is of 2000 -era version of the song. No idea what the other is though.....
  22. Something I’ve dreamed of for yeeears. Partly just because I love that name for some reason but it’s also the perfect middle ground of ‘common knowledge but probs not for casual listeners’ to suit a secret gig/tour pseudonym. I’d almost love it more if they didn’t even announce it, just start seeing the name pop up on club events schedules and maybe make a social media account for hints. We’d all have to search early venues from their career to piece together a tour... But none of it’s happening so let’s all break it off now while our hearts don’t mind too much 🙃
  23. joseklijn

    Birmingham Arena gig

    This was my first time in Birmingham arena. Great concert but I missed the first few songs due to hassle with my seats and people sitting a few rows behind me. When booking the seats (2nd row Upper block 10) I was assured that I could stand up and step towards and lean against the railing (am ambulant disabled and need to alternate between sitting and standing). First the stewards refused me, several times, to stand anywhere apart from immediately in front of my seat. Even a bit towards the left earned me a reprimande. "they will all be standing up anyway" they told me. So, I stood in front of my seat (not a single mm out of line). However, that was not to the liking of a few people in rows behind me who became very verbal and shouted "sit the f... down" and continued to shout at me what they would do to me if I did not sit down. Very unpleasant. So, I sat down. Started to hurt badly soon because there was hardly any room for my legs which were pressing very hard into the seat infront of me and I has to sit twisted. The seating area is very cramped (worst I have encountered in a music venue). Stood up. More verbal abuse. My companion then walked over to the stewards who refused again to let us move to other seats despite the fact that there were quite a few empty nearby. Eventually the supervisor moved us to other seats where there was no problem with standing up now and then. Brilliant seats because they were closer to the stage. So, that was good but it took me a little while to start to enjoy the show because I had become a bit down after the verbal abuse. I was most looking forward to Psycho and Uprising. Missed both of these due to the hassle. Just watched them on Youtube. How crazy is that? Go to a concert and then have to watch what you missed on Youtube. Not the same atmosphere at all. I looked around the arena and noticed that almost all of the people with seats were staying put in their seats. Not something I have encountered at other pop music gigs. I also went to the concert in Bristol and that was nicer. Muse was just as excellent of course, but the whole atmosphere was friendlier and more relaxed. No problems with standing up and bobbing up and down to the music. No problems with moving an inch away from your seat. No verbal abuse. I did not mind the fact that it was still light at the beginning of the show in Bristol. There was a spectacular sunset right above the stage. Beautiful. Because I am relatively new to Muse (I know...where have I been) I was using my mobile a lot in Bristol for photos and video clips. Loved the show but came away feeling I missed part of it due to the filming. When they put on an extra show in Birmingham I immediately purchased two more tickets with the intention to leave the mobile in my pocket (whch I did most of the time). So, I am gutted that I missed part of the show and in such an unpleasant way. Muse, please come back to Bristol again later this year and I will get another ticket. Third time lucky? 😉 I am curious and wonder what anyone else thinks of Birmingham arena It certainly seemed to me that the people with standing tickets had a great time . Maybe I was just 'unlucky'
  24. They’ve not been to Japan either tbf 🤷🏼‍♀️ Could do Trnsmt I guess. Festivals before gearing up for a new album aren’t unheard of. Or it’s the last time Muse will perform for a while... ...but Rocket Baby Dolls are just about to start rehearsing
  25. Can’t remember the exact quote now but it was something like “it’s good to be back home, it’s gonna be our last time here for quite a while”. Personally got the impression it’s the ‘end of an era, time to work on a new album’ kind of “quite a while”. Boring Roadie also tweeted not long ago about having nowt on next year. Could do some sparing festivals or dates for places they missed but I think that’s what we’re looking at 💔 they haven’t really stopped since early 2015 though tbf to them
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