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  3. Nominated for „Best Reissue“ at the NME Awards 😏
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  5. Well Matt's basic response to a fan requesting something is to inform that fans don't really want it...
  6. It would be interesting how many copies were sold with every special album-box. Collectors buy them and I think if only a tiny amount was sold they wouldn‘t sell another and another edition with every new album! I don‘t think that only 5% are collectors amongst Musers .... I don‘t care about Radiohead and I don‘t know more about this library than I just read in your post. So if they wanted to do this, ok! according DVDs ... Matt thinks nobody would buy them anymore 😜 which I think isn‘t true.
  7. I'm talking more about Music rather than physical media. 95% of fans aren't collectors so packaging the vinyls with the CDs have made them unaffordable for some. Take account that hours after I made my post, Radiohead launched their public library sharing quite alot of music, videos, artwork for free which puts the creativity up front rather than the physical media with a scare supply. Nothing stops Muse from doing something similar.
  8. Count the price of 9 CDs and 4 vinyl together, plus the book .. it‘s not expensive. If it is affordable for every Muser, that‘s the problem. Maybe there should be a „best of OOM“ version out there? Or a „normal“ version and a „deluxe edition“ 🤔🤷‍♀️
  9. While I'm happy some new material has come out, I'm sort of disappointed by the lack of era specific live material. For those old enough to remember, Muse made their reputation as a live band before gaining critical or commercial success. 2000-2002 was the peak of their live performances, Matt ad-libbed like hell and was too young to worry about his voice, and it's not reflected in this compilation bar from three or four Astoria 2000 songs. Granted, a lot of this stuff is available on youtube but it would have been nice to have a properly mastered CD containing highlights from Eurocockenees de Belfort 2000, Bizarre 2000 and La Route Du Rock 2001, or even a DVD considering how expensive the boxset is. And no Plus in Baby acoustic? Come on!
  10. Shrinking universe Hyper chondriac music Shine Map of your head Piano thing (I love when Matt plays piano 😊)
  11. T2L 1)Survival 2)Explorers + Big freeze 3)Supremacy DRONES 1)Drones 2)The handler + The globalist 3)Dead inside ST 1)The void (especially the acoustic version) 2)The dark side 3)Blockades
  12. ffs alllllways awkward aren’t they ”more announcements in the coming weeks” hmm some speculation it might be The Who though, which make sense tbf but why not announce that straight away?
  13. ABSOLUTION 1)Ruled by secrecy 2)Sing for absolution + Blackout 3)Butterflies and hurricanes + Fury BH&R 1)Hoodoo 2)City of delusion 3)I can't choose between Take a bow, Map of the problematique and Glorious THE RESISTANCE 1)Exogenesis part 1 2)Exogenesis part 3 3)Exogenesis part 2 + Unnatural selection
  14. SHOWBIZ 1)Showbiz 2)Spiral static 3)Hate this and I 'll love you OOS 1)Futurism + Micro cuts (I can't choose 😁) 2)Screenager + Megalomania (Same 😁) 3)New born + Citizen erased (Same 😁) HULLABALOO 1)Shrinking universe 2)Hyper chondriac music 3)Recess + Shine acoustic
  15. For me : 1) Survival 2)The void (acoustic especially, but I love the other version too) 3)Drones (really hypnotic for me 😵)
  16. “we might have two shows later this year” “might be one other thing we’re doing at the RAH” but then I’ve just realised he also says they ‘might’ do Global Citizen so I think he’s just using it flippantly 😅 we’ll see today
  17. **What's He Building?** 1. Space Dementia (Guitar Outro) 2. Negative Creep Riff+The Handler 3. The Dark Side 4. Plug In Baby 5. Map Of The Problematique+Who Knows Who Riff 6. Break It To Me 7. Uprising 8. Supermassive Black Hole 9. Propaganda 10. Resistance 11. Unsustainable 12. Thought Contagion 13. Darkshines Bridge+Butterflies & Hurricanes 14. Time Is Running Out 15. Supremacy 16. Apocalypse Please 17. The Void 18. Stockholm Syndrome+0123 Riff+School Riff+Endless Nameless Riff 19. Take A Bow 20. Starlight 21. Knights Of Cydonia 22. Algorithm (Alternate Reality Version) (Shortened)+Pressure 23. Bliss (Extended)
  18. Well plus there’s the extra link of that original Meg performance being for the TCT too. Would reeeeally love some kinda nod to OOM, obviously...a Showbiz b-side, demo PIB...but not gonna get my hopes up. 😁😁😁😁😁 that said, coulda done with an even longer break before bloody queueing up at 5am again lmao Edit: though, then again, depending when that interview was filmed (seemed v recent), why would Matt only say it was a maybe if they’re literally about to be announced? 🤔 guess we’ll find out tomoz, if it’s not TCT then I’ll be vvvv curious
  19. Yay I love those threads! Let‘s get this started! I’d say possible release late 2021 or early 2022 ? Good things take time ! Breaking the 3-years album circle this time?
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